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35 Times You Totally Lost Your Shit Watching The London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Has it really been four years since Danny Boyle wowed us all?

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Listen to this while scrolling down this post.

It's the music from the Pandemonium sequence (you know, the one with the chimneys). It's a belter.

2. Followed by the "Isle of Wonder" video consisting of this insane journey down the Thames.

BBC / OBS / Via

The music in this sequence:

- Fuck Buttons, "Surf Solar"

- The "Eton Boating Song"

- The TV theme to the The South Bank Show

- Sex Pistols, "God Save the Queen"

- The Clash, "London Calling"

- Pink Floyd, "Time"

- Lily Allen, "Smile"

- Muse, "Map of the Problematique"

- "Land of Hope and Glory"

- Plus the voice of the "MIND THE GAP" man from the London underground.


And quite a lot of people got confused.

People ran out of restaurants bordering Park to see helicopter they believed bringing Queen. Leaving wallets, phones on tables in hurry


The nurses all had a really good time that night.

surreal moment riding down Stoke Newington High last night, roller nurses were out drinking. is almost like it's real!

29. Then, during a sequence on music history a lot of people noticed that the sequence featured a clip of the lesbian kiss from Brookside.


The Queen absolutely loved every moment.

Someone tell me Queenie wasn't just checking her fingernails as Team GB came out...??? #openingceremony

34. Then, finally, it was time for this.

After 12,800 miles the Olympic Torch is about to enter the Stadium, witnessed by 500 men & women who built the Olympic Park #OpeningCeremony


I am now crying like a kid at the end of the school disco


35. Then there was this performance, of course.

But let's not talk about it, alright?