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17 Incredibly Depressing Office Christmas Decorations

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and your workplace is equally undelightful.

1. How about this tree that might kill you?

2. Or this 'no expense spared' tree?

3. Oh that didn't impress you? Well how about a tree that has everything you need right now?

4. Or this 'bleached tree', which makes you forget what actual real trees look like.

5. This tree? It seems to be missing something. I can't really tell what. Can someone let me know?

6. I don't know about you guys but I am getting really excited about Christmas. Really excited.

7. Dead robins hanging from the roof? So excited.

8. I just can't handle these stairs right now.

9. And are you having to stay in a hotel tonight? DW. Travelodge will make you feel all festive.

10. Have no budget for Christmas trees? Just make do with whatever you've got lying around the office.

11. You don't have pine? ANY TREE WILL DO.

12. And if there's no tree, try folded up pieces of paper.

13. You don't have a wreath? Use Post-it notes.

14. No fairy for the top of the tree? No problem.

15. Or just display a strip of a paper above the sink.

16. Work in a hospital? You could always do this.

17. And if all else fails, just display this instead.