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16 Things You Only Notice Between Boxing Day And New Year's Eve

What day is this? No, really guys, what day is it today?

1. What day is it? No, really. Tell me. What day is it?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

2. Christmas Day? CHRISTMAS DINNER.


3. Boxing Day? Leftover sandwiches. Great!

4. 27 December? Chicken soup. Oh. Oh. Oh good.

5. And how much is left of THAT roast dinner?

6. And don't even think about the amount of empty bottles there currently are in your recycling bin.

7. Everything is currently a little bit weird. All the people you normally listen to on the radio aren't there.


8. Newspapers are even more paper thin than usual.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

9. When you turn on the TV at 6pm for the news...

BBC News / Via get something like this instead.

BBC / ITV / Via

10. It's not like there is much news anyway. There's just the Queen's Christmas speech...

John Stillwell - WPA Pool / Getty Images

...and the media reporting what she says.

BBC News / Via

11. The only other news at this time of year is the sales. You feel sorry for the journalist who has to report on them.

CNN / Via

Their report will consist of people standing outside shopping centres looking quite excited/cold.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

There will then be footage of thousands of tourists bursting into a store at 400 miles per hour.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images and Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

And the report is then followed by an interview with a retail boss boasting about how great it all is.

BBC News / Via

12. Do you do Boxing Day sales? No, you don't.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Because this footage makes you hate everyone. That's why.

13. You decide that you'll avoid the crowds but still get some bargains. You'll do it next month.

But after three days of not doing much after Christmas...

NBC / Universal Productions / Via

...and seeing no more presents under the tree...


Twitter: @CayleWINK

See? If you were there two days earlier it wouldn't have happened.

14. Speaking of all of this shopping lark, why are there so many sofa adverts at this time of year?


For months we've had meaningful adverts telling us how important and special Christmas is...

John Lewis / Via

...but now they want you out of the house at 6 am on Boxing Day.

Wren Bedrooms / Debenhams / Carpet Right / Bath Store / Via / / /


15. But even though the break is long (and staying at your parents is hard as they live in the middle of nowhere)...


16. wouldn't have it any other way (especially when there is still a lot of booze in the fridge).

Oh, and a lot of food in the fridge still? OMG WIN.

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