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    • scottw10

      The movie poster of the 1992 film with RDJ ‘Chaplin’ This movie poster of the silhouette of him standing in the doorway gave me nightmares. So bad that I thought that Chaplin was a silent killer. For a five year old to have these kind of dream just ate at my soul. These dreams would come to me at random time throughout my life. When I was 9-10, in a dream I figured out a trap for Chaplin. I dug a hole and put a giant rubber tub in the hole and I found chaplin and he would chase me and try to kill me and I ran over the hole and jumped over it and he fell into the tub and I grabbed the cover and sealed him in there and started to fill the hole back with dirt. It was until I was 25 I had a dream where I was digging in a backyard for a pool and all of a sudden I hit the top of the rubber tub that I put Chaplin in. So I wanted to see his remains or what was left of him, but as I opened the lid, there he laid as the day I put him in there, then he’s eyes shot open and stared at me. Next thing I know is that I have the shovel and I started to beat his head in like you would for a zombie. I have not had anymore dream about Chaplin anymore and I hope I have put him to rest.

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