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Meet Max: The Cat Who Survived An Arrow To The Head

He's a hit at parties. J/K lol! He's a poor animal who has survived a traumatic event. His owners found him this way at some point over last weekend; investigators are looking into it (but probably not very hard, because: cat). The thoughts and prayers of BuzzFeed are with you!

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  • Max, sans arrow, left the home of his human guardians Brad and Nancy Paquin sometime Friday. He hasn't said where he was (he's no snitch).

  • When Max returned Sunday night, the Paquins couldn't help but notice the arrow in his head. It was not a gag.

  • Being of active mind, the Paquins drove Max posthaste to a local veterinarian hospital, where the arrow was safely removed. It hadn't cracked his skull. Good news: he's expected to make a full recovery. Authorities are on the hunt for the perps.