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BuzzFeed: Viral Wars

It's the mother of all wars, people. BuzzFeed's new contest, Viral Wars is a battle of internet wits. Do you have what it takes to make the most viral post?

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  • You can read the stuff below, or you can just be smart and enter yourself and get to posting.

  • How It Works

    From October 19th to November 4th, BuzzFeed's going to be the battleground for Viral Wars.

  • To join, head to the contest page and enter. Then start posting your best buzz!

  • The basic principle is simple: Whoever can make the most viral post wins.

  • Only viral traffic will count! That means traffic from around the web, so start sharing your stuff on Twitter, send it to your friend who runs that tech blog, and post it to Facebook.

  • What You Win

    All the latest generations of each!

  • How You Win

    Use your Viral Dashboard to see how you're doing and improve your technique.

  • For more tips, visit the following pages:

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  • Let's Go To War! Metaphorically Speaking!!