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    • schoolpsych329

      As a school psychologist I empathize with this parent. I work with kids like her son every day. And I consistently encounter parents who need help, and don’t know what to do. Her account of multiple evaluations, diagnoses, and attempts at psychopharmacological interventions are all too familiar and often unfortunately the case that many families face. I think that her bravery to share her story is what people in our country need to do. Maybe if more people did, then we could address these issues at a more global level and perhaps try and identify people such as A.L. sooner and get them the help they need, and possibly prevent others from being hurt as well. The references this mother made to “having charges” to improve chances of gaining services, this is a reality that is sad but also often very true in our countries broken system for helping young people like this. I hope that more people pay attention to this mother, because she is right. She is not alone. There are many families and children just like this young man, and they all need help. Make a difference by voting. Taking a stand against communities that close mental health centers that provide the support many people need. Listen and offer support if you know a mother like this. Offer suggestions for community resources if you know of any. If she is like a lot of mothers I know, she will appreciate the help and caring of fellow human beings. To the author-I commend you for having the courage to post this.

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