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7 iPhone Apps That Were Better As Game Boy Accessories

Sure, you can Instagram anything you see, but can you make it into a sticker for your pencil box?

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1. iPhone Version: Instagram

Takes pictures and adds that timeless quality to them (also see: Japan's Version).

Game Boy Version: Camera and Printer

An observable fact: modern photo effects and filters have not yet surpassed this technology.


2. iPhone Version: Bump

Wirelessly exchanges information with other users in one socially awkward gesture.

Game Boy Version: Game Boy Color Infrared Port

The only way to give yourself the best Pokémon from Red AND Blue.


3. iPhone Version: Mail

Allows you to readily access the World Wide Web to send Electronic Mail!

Game Boy Version: World Port

Okay this thing is completely amazing. It also had an address book for phone numbers and would play the dial tones for them. If you played these tones next to an real phone's mouth piece, the phone would ACTUALLY CALL the number. My favorite hack of all time.


4. iPhone Version: Flashlight

Illuminates the otherwise unseeable.

Game Boy Version: Mad Katz Game Boy Color Magnifier

Others tried, but this in combination with #5 were the ultimate Game Boy-ing rig.


5. iPhone Version: Vibrate Function

Gets your attention subtly.

Game Boy Version: The Legendary Shock 'n' Rock

In the fields of ear-bleeding awesomeness and parental annoyance, there is no equal.


6. iPhone Version: AirPlay

Gets that image that normally goes on the small thing and puts it on the big thing.

Game Boy Version: Transfer Pak

There was no greater joy than Pokémon, other than Pokémon ON YOUR FREAKING N64, MOM.


7. iPhone Version: Game Center

A place to easily store and access your most cherished games, on the go.

Game Boy Version: This

I mean, come on.

See anything missing? Put yours in the comments!

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