18 Things You Betta Work For, Bitch

Hot bodies and Maseratis are SO September.

1. You wanna hot toddy?

2. Play ball like Dotty?

3. You wanna itchy crotchy?

5. You wanna porta potty?

6. You wanna Giamatti?

7. Liberace?

9. You wanna beam up, Scotty?

10. You wanna play bocce?

11. You wanna call shotty?

Paramount Pictures / Clueless / Via ginbell.tumblr.com

13. You wanna add Srirachy?

14. You wanna love Chachi?

15. You wanna wipe snotty?

17. You wanna blood clotty?

Warner Bros. / The Shining / Via changchens.tumblr.com

18. You wanna teach pilate?

19. You wanna manicotti?

21. You wanna Hot Pockey?

22. You wanna learn karate?

23. You wannilluminati?

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