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    All The People Who Went Missing After The Grenfell Fire Have Been Found Or Declared Dead

    Scores of people were unaccounted for after a fire tore through Grenfell Tower in west London in on 14 June, but police said in November that the final death toll was 71.


    On 16 November the Met police announced that the senior coroner for Westminster was satisfied that the final number of those known to have died in the Grenfell fire is 70, plus a stillborn baby.

    Police say it is now highly unlikely that anyone else will be found. No one else remains missing.

    The names of the following people were originally listed as missing but have since been identified as among the deceased.

    Ligaya Moore, 78.

    Amaya Tuccu-Ahmedin, 3.

    Amal Ahmedin, 24.

    Raymond "Moses" Barnard, 63.

    Mohammad Alhajali, 23.

    Yaqub Hashum, 6.

    Nur Huda El-Wahabi, 15.

    Mehdi El-Wahabi, 8.

    Yasin El-Wahabi, 20.

    Amna Mahmud Idris, 27.

    Ya-Haddy Sisi Saye, also known as Khadija Saye, 24.

    Biruk Haftom, 8.

    Deborah Lamprell, 45.

    Abufars Ibrahim, 39.

    Abdeslam Sebbar, 77.

    65-year-old Anthony Disson.

    Isaac Paulos, aged 5.

    Mary Mendy, 52.

    44-year-old Mo Tuccu

    Saber Neda, also known as Mohamed Amied Neda, aged 57.

    Farah Hamdan, Omar Belkadi, and their children Leena, and Malek.

    22-year-old Husna Begum, and 64-year-old Rabeya Begum.

    32-year-old Zainab Deen and her two-year-old son, Jeremiah.

    82-year-old Ali Jafari.

    13 year old Yahya Hashim.

    61-year-old Hamid Kani.

    Sheila (her surname is withheld at the family's request).

    Nura Jemal, 35, and her 13-year-old son, Yahya Hashim

    Jessica Urbano Ramirez, aged 12.

    Majorie Vital, aged 68.

    Ernie Vital, aged 50.

    Denis Murphy, 56.

    Gloria Trevisan, 26, and Marco Gottardi, 27.

    Khadija Khalloufi, aged 52.

    Hashim Kedir, 44, Nura Jemal, 35, and their children: 13-year-old son Yahya, and 12-year-old daughter, Firdaws.

    Sakina Afrasehabi, 65.

    *31 victims' names have not been released at the request of their families.