39 Reasons Living In Maine Ruins You For Life


1. Because Acadia National Park has some of the most beautiful views on earth.

2. And Mount Katahdin is breathtaking all year round.

3. Because you’ve never felt as peaceful as when you’re canoeing on one of Maine’s pristine lakes.

Nick Gallop / Flickr: nickgallop / Creative Commons

4. Because warm weather means sand between your toes and hunting for sea glass.

5. Because Mainers know how to keep it local…

There is no Cyber Monday, only Cider Monday.

6. …but you never have to go far to feel cultured.

Flickr: auvet / Creative Commons

Fifteen miles to Paris? That’s just a short ride on a four-wheeler.

7. Because someone you know probably owns a boat.

8. But even if they don’t, you can still spend a lazy afternoon on a sunny, salty pier.

Flickr: mrsmee44 / Creative Commons

9. Because this is your idea of an elevator…

Flickr: suckamc / Creative Commons

10. …and this is what traffic looks like.

11. Because you know where the word “moxie” came from.

Mark H. Anbinder / Flickr: mhaithaca / Creative Commons

It’s not root beer, it’s not cola — it’s Moxie! Love that bitter, metallic goodness.

12. Because there’s a world of wildlife right in your dooryard.

Paul VanDerWerf / Flickr: pavdw / Creative Commons

David Maher / Flickr: daveinmaine / Creative Commons

Patrick Randall / Flickr: animaliaproject / Creative Commons


13. And if you’re looking for rare species, Maine is a birder’s paradise.

Flickr: billysbirds / Creative Commons

14. Because you look forward to fiddlehead season every year.

Dana Moos / Flickr: dana_moos / Creative Commons

15. Because you know the smaller berries are the sweetest.

Rich Brooks / Flickr: therichbrooks / Creative Commons

Michael Rosenstein / Flickr: michaelcr / Creative Commons


16. And if you try blueberries from anywhere else, it’s just not the same.

Flickr: tinybanquet / Creative Commons

Flickr: manray3 / Creative Commons


17. Also, let’s not forget about the beautiful blueberry barrens.

Dale Calder / Flickr: dalecalder2003 / Creative Commons

18. Because you’ll run into old friends at every local festival.

Flickr: manray3 / Creative Commons

19. Because it has an ENTIRE TOWN where you can go shopping.

It’s pretty much required that you stop at the Freeport outlet stores on your way up the coast.

20. Because you know what a real winter looks like…

Corey Templeton / Flickr: coreytempleton / Creative Commons
Corey Templeton / Flickr: coreytempleton / Creative Commons

21. …and you know how to handle it.

Flickr: chewonki_mcs / Creative Commons

22. Because summer means spending a whole day at the fair.

Chris Goldberg / Flickr: chrisgold / Creative Commons

23. Because there’s always another lighthouse to explore.

Flickr: 21953562@N07 / Creative Commons

24. And the most scenic places are often steeped in history.

Flickr: texas_tongs / Creative Commons

The Portland Head Light is more than 220 years old.

25. Because you don’t have to go far to find a lush, tranquil forest.

Bob Travis / Flickr: bobtravis / Creative Commons
Aaron Knox / Flickr: aaronknox / Creative Commons

Maine has a higher percentage of forest than any other state — about 90%.

26. Because you don’t know seafood unless you’ve eaten at a place like this.

Flickr: mytravelphotos / Creative Commons

27. And you can have lobster rolls for lunch every single day.

Heather Phillips / Flickr: hphillips / Creative Commons

Flickr: jshyun / Creative Commons

Maria Pontikis / Flickr: anthimeria / Creative Commons


From Red’s Eats in Wiscasset, ideally.

28. Because you’re never too far from a piece of pie from Moody’s Diner.


29. Because apple picking is a can’t-miss autumn ritual.

Flickr: chewonki_mcs / Creative Commons

Dana Moos / Flickr: dana_moos / Creative Commons

Flickr: lunaspin / Creative Commons


30. Because Bean boots are appropriate for any occasion.

Flickr: adwriter / Creative Commons

31. And you can never be overdressed.

Jim Renaud / Flickr: sting / Creative Commons

32. Because you never lose that peculiar sense of humor.

Flickr: darkbrilliance / Creative Commons

Flickr: herzogbr / Creative Commons


Just ask the Humble Farmer.

33. Because the museums are one of a kind.


Yes, they also have rooms full of antique cars and dolls at the Bryant Stove Museum.

34. Because the state that gave us Stephen King is sometimes beautifully creepy.

Lawrence Whittemore / Flickr: lawrence_evil / Creative Commons
Lawrence Whittimore / Flickr: lawrence_evil / Creative Commons

35. Because this is your skating rink.

36. And this is your swimming pool.

Bob Nichols / Flickr: usdagov / Creative Commons

37. Because the sunsets make all the day’s worries melt away.

38. Because you’re used to looking up at night and seeing this.

Flickr: benwurst / Creative Commons

39. Because whether it’s winter…

Flickr: nhoulihan / Creative Commons


Flickr: lunaspin / Creative Commons


Scott Smithson / Flickr: dtwpuck / Creative Commons

…or fall…

Maurice Huang / Flickr: icemomo / Creative Commons

…you know it’s the way life should be.

Flickr: aresauburnphotos / Creative Commons

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