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23 Posts That Will Remind You How Fucking Easy It Is To Get Rid Of All Your Problems

My depression is gone! My acne has cleared! My crops are thriving!

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1. Suddenly I'm an extrovert!

2. My depression has vanished!

3. I have never been so calm!

4. I'm not sad!

5. I love myself!

6. My teeth are blindingly white!

7. I'm religious!

8. I'm the life of the party!

9. I'm writing a self-help book!

10. My crops are thriving!

11. I'm rich!

the GOP replacement plan is actually pretty simple

12. My acne is gone!

13. I'm in love!

14. I'm organized!

me: *does one small minor task* me, tearing up:this is it ..ive finally got my life together. my depression is cured

15. I'm facing all my problems!

16. I'm not on the verge of a mental breakdown!

When someone says 'don't be anxious' and your anxiety is cured

17. I'm exhaling good vibes only!

18. I'm super chill!

19. I'm totally sane!

20. I'm radiating positivity!

21. I'm stress-free!

22. I'm productive!

23. Just kidding!!!!

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