21 Memes You'll Appreciate If You Secretly Live For The Drama

    Who? Me? I hate drama. *wink*

    1. Let's cut to the chase, you like drama:

    2. But you're also fake as hell and pretend like you're a perfect angel who has descended from heaven to bring peace to the Earth:

    3. You can't help yourself when something particularly juicy happens:

    4. And even though you *HATE* the drama (wink, wink) you still have a moral responsibility to relay the dirty deets to those not fortunate enough to witness it:

    5. As far as anyone's concerned, you're ALWAYS just an innocent bystander to drama. NO ONE needs to know you were the instigator:

    6. I think it's important to reiterate that you're an angel, remember? There's no way you're capable of stirring up trouble:

    7. But when someone ELSE starts drama, you sure as hell are finding the nearest front row seat as quickly as you possibly can:

    8. Sometimes something so serendipitous happens that you just have to accept and own it. You didn't ask for this drama and that's all that matters:

    When you piss someone off with a tweet that had nothing to do with them but you might as well own the drama

    Twitter: @BitchassChicken

    9. You can even spot drama from miles away while you're completely minding your own business:

    10. No matter how much you pretend like you're too ~mature~ for the drama, you know you'll always be a petty 17-year-old at heart:

    11. Just to be clear, you're only watching that drama-filled Snapchat story to get it off your timeline (obviously):

    12. You'll be damned if some dramatic shit is going down and someone tries to distract you:

    13. And even though you're SO above the drama, it always feels nice when something shady happens to your mortal enemy:

    14. It's not your fault the walls in your apartment are so thin. You're practically obligated to listen:

    15. And when someone decides to spill all their drama out of the blue, it'd be plain rude not to pay attention:

    16. Drama is always more enjoyable when you're on the outside looking in:

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    17. Nothing brings you more pain than missing some extra juicy gossip:

    18. But when you catch it right at the beginning, it turns into a full-blown event:

    19. When someone asks about it later, you pretend to be above it because you're a saint and no one can tell you otherwise:

    20. It's really a SHAME you hate drama, considering you're so good at sniffing it out:

    21. But honestly, everyone probably knows you love the drama at this point. And if not, you’ll definitely expose yourself soon enough: