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    • sarahw69

      Aaaaaand this is why people won’t identify as feminist (for the record,Isay this asafeminist). If you’re not prepared to forego all of society’s notions about beauty and relationships (for example), you need not apply. Oh, you wear makeup? OUT. You like to dress provocatively? DEFINITELY OUT. Oh, you wantawedding ring? YOU’RE RUINING THE WOMEN’S MOVEMENT. How about this: You want to wear makeup? PUT ON ALL THE MAKEUP IN YOUR ARSENAL. Want to wearashort skirt? HIKE IT UP AS HIGH AS YOU WANT (because female modesty is patriarchal, if you think about it).  But, no,Ihave seen many instances of “the patriarchy is telling you to wear makeup!” and that may be true, but feminism also turns around and says “instead, follow OUR arbitrary rules! BecauseIknow what’s best for you, vagina-haver!” How about you do you, I’ll do me. Isn’t feminism about the freedom to do exactly that?