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How Fearless Are You?

Do you live without fear?

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    I answer the phone even when I don't know whose number it is.
    Sometimes I put my music on shuffle with no intention of skipping through all the songs.
    I openly like Nickelback and don't care who knows it.
    I Snapchat when I have really bad acne and don't even use the text bar or filters to cover it up.
    I'll drink an entire, large coffee in public even if the nearest bathroom is miles away.
    I don't subtweet at people, I @ them directly.
    Sometimes I don't shave my legs before I get a pedicure.
    I've worn a white bathing suit to the pool without testing it out first to make sure it's not see-through when wet.
    I never delete my Instagram posts, even when they only get 12 likes.
    I have no problem singing in public, even though I'm a terrible singer.
    Occasionally I won't put my phone on airplane mode when I'm on an airplane.
    I've cursed in front of my conservative grandmother.
    I always swipe right on Tinder.
    I can poop in crowded public restrooms.
    I told my friends who won The Bachelorette and didn't even ask if they wanted to know first.
    I've ordered something at a restaurant that I've never tried before.
    I've talked my way out of a ticket before.
    I rarely put money in parking meters. I just hope for the best.
    I've been in public and openly thrown a recyclable in the regular trash.
    I did the above....but while I was in Oregon.
    I've incited a political debate with a Political Science major just for kicks.
    I've been designated party DJ before and didn't play any crowd-pleasing throwbacks.
    I've posted an Instagram with no caption.
    I let my significant other read through my texts whenever they want.
    My MySpace page is still up and running with all its original photos.
    I'll get my car washed even if I think it might rain soon.
    I don't call my mom back immediately when I have a missed call from her.
    When I go on vacation I don't check my email at all.
    I've baked cookies without using a recipe.
    I eat food that's passed its expiration date.

How Fearless Are You?

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