14 Times Cynthia From "Rugrats" Made You Say "Me As A Doll"

    She's a ride or die type of girl.

    1. When she got hungry one minute into her workout.

    2. When she decided that she'd rather marry a dog than a human.

    3. When she sat spread-eagle at the dinner table because she's all about that comfortable lifestyle.

    4. When she spent hours posted up on her phone finding out all the hot gossip.

    5. When she graciously sat and listened to her friend complain for hours and asked for nothing in return.

    6. When she was drowning and part of her was like, "Maybe I'm okay with this?"

    7. When she wore a flower crown because she's basic but DGAF what other people think.

    8. When she posted up in bed for the day and couldn't be bothered to move.

    9. When she and her best friend had an intense road trip jam sesh.

    10. When Angelica broke her leg so she broke her leg too 'cause she's a ride or die type of girl.

    11. When she was in one of her moods and let everyone know it.

    12. When she was just unenthused by life in general.

    13. When she proved that food, juice boxes, and friends are all you truly need in life.

    14. And when she and her best friend did some serious scheming because they secretly love the drama.

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