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    17 Styling Products From Bumble & Bumble That’ll Make Your Hair Say, “Thank You”

    A gift from the hair gods.

    1. An overnight hair mask for all hair types that'll leave your mane feeling fresh and hydrated in the morning. It’s made with evening primrose that’ll help repair any damaged strands, plus it’ll help to protect against future harm.

    A tub of the product on a table

    2. A dry shampoo for all hair types that’ll soak up all that sweat and grease after you’ve had an intense workout sesh. It’s quick-drying, and it’ll also mask any odours you might have picked up while working out stress during kickboxing class.

    A split screen of a person with damp hair and an after with their hair looking refreshed

    3. A sea salt spray for fine to medium hair that'll give you texturized waves like you've spent the day at the beach. Just spritz it onto your hair while it's still damp, give it a little scrunch, and you'll have some easy volume when it dries.

    A hand holding a bottle of the spray on the sand

    4. A thermal protection mist for all hair types that'll save your hair from getting damaged by curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers. It'll prevent your hair from getting crispy and also smooth out any frizzies.

    A bottle of the mist on a table

    5. A styling cream that'll help those with short hair keep their 'do in place and give it a little shine. It has a pliable texture, so your hair will still have some natural movement

    6. An oil spray for curly hair that'll have your coils looking bouncy and frizz-free. It also has a UV filter to protect your hair from any sun damage.

    A bottle of spray on a wite background

    7. A seaweed shampoo and conditioner for fine to medium hair that uses marine life like seaweed, spirulina, and kelp to make your mane hydrated. It’ll also help to detangle those rat's nests that you're too scared to comb.

    A bottle of the two products on a white background

    8. A styling cream for all hair types that'll give you some serious shine. Make sure you only use a tiny bit — a little goes a long way!

    A tube of the product on a book

    9. A thickening shampoo and conditioner for fine to medium hair that'll give you a serious volume boost. Give yourself a blowout after you've used these products and you'll have an Insta-worthy mane to show off.

    The two bottles on a marble background

    10. A texturizing hair spray for fine to medium hair that'll give you some movement when your hair is looking a little flat. Just spray the parts of your hair that need a boost and it'll give you an instant lift.

    A bottle of the product beside a hair brush

    11. A weekly oil mask for all hair types that'll leave your hair feeling touchably smooth for up to three days. It helps to get rid of frizz and tangles and leaves your hair feeling thicker.

    A person with a before and after of their curls looking frizzy and then looking hydrated

    12. A protective primer for medium to thick hair that's a must-have for damaged locks. Spritz it on before you use hot tools to protect broken hair from becoming even more fried.

    A person with a before and after of their curls looking limp and then looking hydrated

    13. A hair styler for fine hair that'll give it some extra body. When you're done washing your hair, work this product through your strands and it'll create instant texture.

    A tube of the product on a bathroom counter

    14. A shampoo and conditioner that'll help preserve the colour in treated hair. It also helps to hydrate, since coloured hair can become seriously parched.

    The two products on a colourful background

    15. A curl mask for wavy (2A-2C), curly (3A-3C), and coily hair (4A-4C) that'll help your mane live its most moisturized life. It has oils and butters that lock in hydration and prevent your curls from getting frizzy.

    The product on a purple background

    16. A thickening mousse for fine to medium hair that'll give you body, but without that crunchy feeling that some mousses have. It also has heat protection, so you won't need to add on a primer before styling.

    The mousse on a texturized background

    17. And lastly, a hot oil concentrate for damaged hair that'll pamper your locks and having them feeling all kinds of smooth. Use it once a week and you'll see a noticeable improvement in moisture retention.

    A person with a before and after of their curls looking frizzy and then looking hydrated

    Your hair after you've used these products:

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