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    32 Products You’ll Love So Much, You’ll Probably Want To Marry Them

    Alexa, play "The Wedding March."

    1. A bottle of jojoba oil that’ll make your skin look radiant and feel silky smooth. It has over 12,000 five-star reviews and people love how moisturizing it is during those dry and flakey winter months.

    A person holds a bottle of jojoba oil

    2. A set of Sailor Moon makeup brushes that might just help you look as flawless as Serena. You'll definitely want to show them off on your vanity, because look at how dang cute they are.

    A set of makeup brushes with gems and symbols from Sailor Moon

    3. A set of extra-long reusable straws that'll make your beverage look fancy, while also being a pal to the environment.

    4. A pair of sparkly Keds that’ll add a little ~bling~ to your step. The pearls and rhinestones will amp up any outfit, and the platform soles will give you a bit of extra height.

    5. A food divider that'll keep your food from touching, if that's the kinda thing that irks you. You can safely keep your cereal separated from your milk — or your chips from touching your salsa.

    A bowl with milk in one compartment and cereal in another

    6. A cutting and resealing tool that'll help you keep your food as fresh as possible. It uses micro heating technology to instantly reach the sealing temperature, so all you have to do is slowly run the device over an open bag, and you'll never have to bite into a soft potato chip again.

    A person uses a sealing device on a bag of nuts

    7. A dry shampoo that’ll soak up all that sweat and grease after you’ve had an intense workout sesh. It’s quick-drying, and it’ll also mask any odours you might have picked up while working out stress during kickboxing class.

    A split screen of a person with damp hair and an after with their hair looking refreshed

    8. A fabric defuzzer that'll make your clothes look as good as new. Just plug it into a USB charger and it'll get rid of pills, lint, fluffs, and fuzzies from your sweaters, jackets, sheets, cushions, and more!

    9. A heating pad that'll help ease any of the unfortunate pains that come with that time of month. Just heat it up in the microwave for about two minutes and drape it over whatever area of your body currently feels like a warzone.

    A person lies on a couch with the heating pad over their abdomen

    10. Or a heated back, neck, and shoulder massager that'll really dig into your achey muscles. It has eight deep-kneading Shiatsu nodes that function just like a real massage therapist’s hand — except with this, you can curl up on the couch and binge-watch your favourite show at the same time.

    11. A hair stick that'll smooth out all your wispies, flyaways, and baby hairs. It uses a mascara-like comb and a transparent gel to coat the tiny hairs, so they’ll blend into the rest of your hairdo.

    A mascara like wand and a before and after pictures of hair with baby hairs and then hair smoothed

    12. A reversible fleecey blanket that'll keep you snuggly and warm as the temperatures start to dip. Reviewers love how soft the microfiber is and say that it has a little weight to it, so it kind of feels like a hug.

    A fleece blanket draped over an arm of a sofa

    13. A bidet attachment that’ll make your downstairs area squeaky clean after you’ve, ahem, done your business. It doesn't require any changes to be made to your toilet's plumbing and reviewers say it only takes about ten minutes to install.

    A bidet attachment on a toilet

    14. A chalkboard wall sticker that'll turn any flat surface into a chalkboard. You can use it for meal planning and grocery lists, or just to express your artistic side.

    A cabinet door with the chalk adhered to it with milk eggs bread and apples written on it

    15. A sports bra that'll keep your boobs comfy. It has a barely-there feel, adjustable straps, and a mesh panel for breathability that you’ll appreciate during your next pilates workout (or, let’s be honest, your next YouTube marathon on the couch).

    16. A string of warm white fairy lights that'll add a dreamy ambience wherever you hang them. You can cycle between eight lighting modes, and it’ll run on either batteries or a USB cable.

    Fairy lights hung upon a wall beside a dinner table

    17. A trio of beeswax wraps that are treated with organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Just warm them up in your hands and then use them to cover bowls, containers, or pieces of food.

    18. A Dutch oven that'll help you cook up the most delicious sauces and stews. It's made of heavy-duty cast iron that'll ensure everything is cooked evenly, and it has over 8,000 five-star reviews.

    A stove with a Dutch open on it with a stew inside

    19. A sliding plastic wrap cutter that’ll stop your cling wrap from turning into a crumpled-up, unusable mess. Is cling wrap great? Yes. Is it an absolute pain in the butt sometimes? Also yes. The refillable box features a slide cutter that is a vast improvement to the serrated edge that comes on most boxes, and it’ll save you a ton of frustration and wasted plastic wrap.

    A person uses a slide cutter to cut through clingwrap

    20. A set of no-tie shoe laces that'll never come undone while you're mid-workout. Just lace them through the eyelets of your shoes, adjust them to your preference, and you'll be able to slip your feet into them every time, while still having a snug and secure fit.

    A pair of no lace ties are threaded through a pair of runners

    21. A little car gadget that’ll charge your phone and simultaneously create a Bluetooth connection for the stereo via an FM transmitter. It’ll let you use your phone or a micro SD card to stream music to your sound system, and reviewers say it's a breeze get it up and going.

    A gadget plugged into a cigarette lighter with a charger

    22. A pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses with gold accents that'll protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also have an anti-scratch coating, so they should be fine if you toss them in your bag if you've forgotten their carrying case.

    A woman wears the sunglasses

    23. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones for when you just desperately need some peace and quiet. It’ll give you about 30 hours of playback time before you need to recharge.

    A person wears the headphones

    24. A concentrated odour neutralizer that only needs one drop of product to clean up smelly situations. It'll get rid of unwanted scents instead of masking them, so you can even fix the stench from the organic waste container that always makes you gag.

    A bottle of the product sits beside a garbage pail and garbage

    25. A drain cover that’ll add a few extra inches of water to your tub for the deepest bath possible. It works by preventing water from going into the overflow outlet, so you can finally submerge your whole body and enjoy a good soak.

    A tub with water several inches below the surface and an after picture with a drain cover and the water closer to the top of the tub

    26. A trio of webcam covers that'll cover your phone and laptop camera if you feel a little leery about leaving them exposed. They're easy to apply and remove, and when you want to actually use your camera, all you do is slide the cover open with your finger.

    27. A reusable face mask with a pretty floral print that’ll help keep everyone safe, while also making you look super stylish. It has elastic bands with an adjustable hook around the ears to keep it flush against your face, a pocket for a dust filter, and a nose clip, so it’s both pretty and functional.

    A person wears a floral mask

    28. A journal that looks like a dreamy galaxy, where you can write down all your thoughts that are ~out of this world~. It has 160 lined pages that reviewers say are delightfully easy to write on, a storage pocket in the back, and an elastic binding that can both mark your page and keep the journal closed.

    A journal that looks like a nebula

    29. An eye pillow that you can use as a hot or cold treatment to soothe headaches and help reduce inflammation. Just put it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds or pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes, lie back, and let the pillow work its magic.

    A person tilts their head back with an eye pillow resting over their eyes

    30. A hand and body lotion that'll leave your dry skin feeling moisturized, supple, and oh-so touchable. It's made with rosehip oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, and it has a light lavender scent that'll calm your senses.

    31. A scalp massager that'll stimulate the roots of your hair and help you say goodbye to dandruff. This lil’ guy also helps you get through the tough knots that you’ve been neglecting, so you’ll finally be able to run a brush through your mane without any snags. It basically feels like a relaxing spa treatment, but at home.

    A person holds the product and works it through their hair in the shower

    32. And lastly, a cult-favourite Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater that'll cool you down and make you smell nice, even if you haven't showered that day. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, so it’s perfect for any skin type, and it works great as a toner or over makeup.

    A bottle of the product lies flat on a table beside a flower

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