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    29 Gifts That Will Make All Makeup Lovers Swoon

    Lipstick is red / Lipstick is also blue / Makeup is sweet / And so is more makeup.

    1. A Glossier Makeup Set for a trio of bestselling products that work in sync with one another for a subtle pinch of color, groomed brows, and amped lashes — so they seem like the kind of person who wakes up early to do their face beat, when in reality they smash the snooze button until the last possible minute.

    2. A cute lil' chicky makeup sponge holder that'll give their damp applicators a resting spot to fully dry out — and it's much cuter than a paper towel (or worst, their germ-infested countertop!!).

    3. Or if they're constantly on the go, a Beautyblender defender carrying case to keep their bbs (up to two damp sponges, specifically) ventilated and looking/smelling as fresh as possible, so *they* can look fresh too!

    4. A Ucanbe highlighter palette with four metallic powders that put higher-end brands to shame and can only be explained through multiple heart eyes emojis — not to mention, they're easy on *your* wallet too. 😉

    5. A 12" Spatty for scraping every last drop of foundation or serum out of the bottle — because they're always complaining about how expensive their faves are, and you're gonna help them avoid letting a single hard-earned penny go to waste!

    6. Magical (And sturdy! And effective!) Sailor Moon makeup brushes to make the task of applying highlighter, eyeshadow, and brow gel 100x more fun — makeup is really a superpower of theirs, after all.

    7. A MAC Cosmetics Shiny Pretty Little Things Lip Set — it comes gorgeously packed, so you don't have to worry about a thing while you rocket up to your lipstick-loving friends' lists.

    8. Milk Makeup Astrology Tattoo Stamps for all of your self-declared astrology-obsessed friends who swear by their charts.

    9. A Tonymoly gel liner that'll help fuel their cat eye obsession for many years to come — plus, how cute is it that the brush goes into the top of the handle, like a ink quill?

    10. A lighted tri-fold Jerdon makeup mirror because not having natural light (hello dark winter mornings, my old friend) should never stop them from putting together a flawless look — especially sans rouge streaks of unidentified colors.

    11. A weightless Unpa 24/7 Lip Stain that'll go on like water and dry down to a silky, transfer-proof, and matte finish — for bold color that doesn't leave their lips feeling deprived of moisture, thanks to the hyaluronic acid built into the formulas!

    12. A multibranded Sephora Favorites Lashstash Set for the mascara snobs in your life — they'll try everything until they find the ones that live up to their volume-blasting, fullness-increasing claims.

    13. An eye-opening book brimming with interesting tidbits about the history of makeup and how different trends, cultures, and technological innovations have influenced makeup lovers throughout different eras — they'll eat it up, and then set it up on their coffee table for all their guests to see.

    14. A travel-friendly Lay-n-Go Cosmo makeup bag that'll make "Where did I put that one lipstick?" an issue of the past — the bag lays flat (20 inches across of space!) so they can see every single item — and then neatly close up via drawstring after they're done!

    15. A nifty brush cleansing mat (made out of environmentally-friendly and non-toxic silica gel!) with seven kinds of designs/textures to wash off every last bit of caked-on makeup, no matter how infrequently they wash their brushes.

    16. A chic crystal-knobbed makeup organizer that'll give them the relief of actually being able to find their makeup and skincare products without searching for them everywhere — hello to this much-needed solution!

    17. And a rotating organizer just for their lipsticks, all 64 of them! No judgment if they buy more for themselves later on.

    18. A standout Stila With Flying Colors Liquid Lipstick Set that'll paint their pouts with all-day color in some of Stila's most-loved shades to date — these bbs are the only thing they'll need to make a statement at all of their holiday parties.

    19. A Maybelline "Send Nudes" Fundle for the friends that fancy themselves cultured art folk...or just like puns — besides the fact that these nudes are so, so wearable, that tote alone is so cute and worth toting around everywhere.

    20. A Tarte Sippin' Pretty Eye Set to wake up their peepers with their iconic Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and dabble on a hint of everyday color — they'll be reaching for this set every day, I guarantee ya!

    21. A 10-pan Pacifica eyeshadow palette that'll prove once and for all that natural products don't miss a beat when it comes to the quality and intensity of their pigments, shimmer, wearability, etc. — friends with sensitive peepers will especially thank you!

    22. Or a marbled empty magnetic palette for high-level makeup enthusiasts who are usually less than impressed with preselected palettes and would much rather create their own — let the depotting begin!

    23. A cute mug donning a very famous quote said by makeup lovers every morning when they go about their beauty routine — coupled with tiredness, it's an uphill battle.

    24. An Aesthetica brow contour kit that'll tweeze, shape, fill in, and highlight their brows to actual perfection. It's called being ~thorough~, not high maintenance. Get it straight.

    25. A gorgeous rose gold mirror to oversee the vast kingdom that is their makeup collection — it's not afraid to give them lip when it's getting a little out of control, or to let them know their lipstick is creeping outside the lines.

    26. A Mineral Fusion 3-in-1 Color Stick to give their cheeks, lips, and eyes a boost of color in quite literally a few swipes — wow, you're basically their time-saving fairy!

    27. A double-sided Revlon Photoready Eye Art Liquid Eyeshadow for a versatile pop of glitter on their eyelids (as liner *or* shadow), eyelashes, or brows. "The possibilities are endless," they'll say with sparkles in their eyes.

    28. A Fenty "Trophy Wife" Killawatt Highlighter with an out-of-this-world gold metallic shimmer that'll definitely land them *all* the compliments from friends, coworkers, receptionists, and strangers — it's THAT good and attention-grabbing.

    29. And, if all else fails, a Sephora gift card because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you're not a mind reader and makeup is a personal journey, ok??

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