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    Updated on Dec 17, 2019. Posted on Dec 11, 2019

    51 K-Pop Stars Who Are Pretty Dang Close To Perfection

    The amount of sheer talent and good looks in this roundup is enough to knock me to the ground.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community who their ultimate K-pop bias is and, while this list could go on forever, here are some of the most ~heartfelt~ responses:

    1. Jihyo (TWICE)

    JYP Entertainment

    "She gave up ten years of her childhood to pursue her passion, and she's an amazing singer, dancer, and leader. She always takes care of the other members while making sure she is also doing her best. Stan talent, stan God Jihyo!" —anniedelao

    2. RM (BTS)

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    "I honestly cannot begin to explain the amount of love that I have for him, and it has deepened so much over the years. He’s incredibly talented, creative, and intelligent — he hits every base and then excels even past that. He’s a complete dork, but is also the most calm, collected, and eloquent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching grow for the past five years. He never fails to make me smile, even with the smallest things. The man deserves the entire world. And his album, mono, resonates so deeply with me that I am able to find comfort in it at my lowest points. His words give me strength, so much so that I have a lyric from 'uhgood' tattooed." —cosmicallys

    "He’s intelligent, well-read, creative, and talented. He’s also extremely hardworking. His personality just radiates this calm authority, like he was born to be a leader. He is articulate and thoughtful, but also not afraid to be a goofball. And finally, he’s a legit snacc." —ariel71185

    3. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)


    "She's confident, amazing, talented, beautiful, doesn't care about beauty standards, does her own thing, and is just a great person." —bluemusigirl

    "How can you not love this woman?" —lusandamiya19

    4. D.O (EXO)

    SM Entertainment

    "His extraordinary voice, humbleness, and acting have made a very great impact on me. There is never a day where I don’t watch a video with D.O in it and not fan girl, lol. He is an amazing person and I miss him very much (he's in the military until Jan. 2021)." —jessicas4175b0ea0

    "What's not to love? He's both squishy and mature, he's an amazing actor and singer, and even though people like to joke that he hates his members, he's so supportive of them and takes care of them." —danikamichellej

    5. Park Bom (soloist, formerly of 2NE1)

    D-Nation Entertainment

    "Queen Park Bom. One of the most unique voices in music, and she overcame a career-ending, absurd drug scandal over medication for her ADHD to return to music after almost half a decade of mostly silence. I get so emotional thinking about her story and how amazing it is to hear her sing again, now on her own terms." —haleyi

    6. Jinho (Pentagon)

    Cube Entertainment

    "He trained really hard to debut. He was with a big company as a trainee and left because he got passed over to be in a big group. So he left and was working as a vocal trainer when he auditioned for another company. Now he's the lead vocalist of Pentagon, and also starting to break into musical theater. His voice is astounding. His range is amazing, but his tone and emotional inflection is fantastic. I saw Pentagon live this summer, and hearing him hit high notes live on my favorite song of theirs brought literal tears to my eyes. He does a cover song once a month on his label's YouTube channel. Stan Jo Jinho AND Pentagon." —sarahm158

    "He’s one of the best vocalists in K-pop, and he can dance and perform as well! He’s also the same height as me, and it makes me feel less insecure about being a small (under 170 cm) guy." —yajojinho

    7. HyunA (soloist, formerly of 4minute)

    P Nation

    "I only really got into K-pop a little over a year ago, and she stood out to me right away. I was captivated by her stage presence and bubbly personality. And she's undeniably gorgeous!" —libbys4848413f5

    8. Chanyeol (EXO)

    SM Entertainment

    "He never fails to make my day better even if i’m feeling sad AF." —peachy123

    "He is just so multitalented, really down to earth, and so nice. He has helped write and produce so many EXO songs. Also, he is such a dork. I love him, and I look up to him a lot!" —zidd

    9. Sunmi (soloist, formerly of Wonder Girls)

    JYP Entertainment

    "She’s cute and sexy at the same time, and she isn’t afraid to be herself!" —alicialiesjev

    10. B.I (formerly of iKON)

    YG Entertainment

    "He is such a talented songwriter, producer, dancer and performer. He worked really hard for his group to debut and has suffered so much because of his former label. I hope he will come back to us soon." —stilinskied

    11. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

    SM Entertainment

    "She’s so pretty and so funny, and she’s literally MEEEE! She’s so awkward sometimes, but then so professional and talented on stage, and I just absolutely love watching any of her performances." —emilyborr03

    12. T.O.P (BIGBANG)

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "That man drives me crazy! When I saw him in 'Fantastic Baby' way back in the day, I was hooked on his deep voice. I love how unique he is in his music and art. He's so funny in variety shows and his Instagram never fails to entertain. I can't wait for him to make a comeback soon." —christinamaze92

    "Not only is BIGBANG amazing, but his solo stuff is fantastic! He's so weird too — have you seen his Instagram?? He gives zero fucks and I adore him for it! And like...have you looked at him? That face! I could just die. So yeah, I'd have to say he really TOPs my list!" —k4873409ca

    13. Seunghee (CLC)

    Cube Entertainment

    "She’s so extremely talented and never fails to make me laugh. I truly think she is the best vocalist in K-pop and deserves to showcase her talents more often." —mccall11

    14. Johnny (NCT 127)

    Chung Sung-jun / Getty Images

    "Not only is he talented and handsome, but he's such a genuine human being. He's so chill and fun, and watching his vlogs feel like I'm video-calling my best friend from middle school." —tescudero0902

    "I was instantly drawn to him because of his charisma and charm. This man is the full package, I swear. Vocals? Rap? Dance? Visuals? Humor? He has it all. Whenever I'm feeling down and need something to cheer me up, I watch his vlogs called Johnny's Communication Center, and I begin to feel better because of his positive attitude, laugh, and smile. I sound absolutely whipped for him, and most certainly I am."—rjpersaud

    15. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    "She’s an extremely talented rapper and dancer, has a ton of stage presence and charisma, and is so cool onstage, but also really cute and sweet offstage. Love her!" —abigailcoulter

    16. Wonho (formerly of Monsta X)

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    "He's the sweetest idol, always concerned for Monbebe's health and safety. He is one of the most humble, caring, and appreciative idols in K-pop. He never missed in opportunity to thank his, and Monsta X's, fans. Wonho Bunny will always be my ultimate bias, and will always be a part of Monsta X." —thammack

    "He recently announced his departure from the group and it absolutely broke my heart, and the hearts of Monbebes everywhere, but he will always be my ultimate bias. His smile and positivity are contagious, and he has amazing stage presence. I still have hope that he’ll come back to us." —jillianc4c6a86e4e

    17. CL (soloist, formerly of 2NE1)

    Dan Istitene / Getty Images

    "2NE1 and BIGBANG were the reason I got into K-pop in the first place, so they will always have a special place in my heart. But CL especially has such an amazing stage presence! She is an amazing rapper and singer, and she really is the baddest female." —faiths4e9a0e06d

    18. J-Hope (BTS)

    Big Hit Entertainment

    "His dance skills are amazing and he just has so much energy when he’s performing! His stage presence is really something else. He makes me super happy — just seeing him smile will make me smile. He really means a lot to me!" —mylovehobii

    "He’s not only an amazing rapper, dancer, and singer, but also an amazing human overall. I went through a period where my anxiety and depression was really severe due to some unfortunate events in my life, but watching videos or seeing pictures of him and his bright smile always helped me feel better. He is truly ARMYs’ hope and sunshine." —hobismoonlight

    19. Mina (TWICE)

    JYP Entertainment

    "She’s a tremendously talented singer and dancer, has a nerdy and awkward sense of humor and a heart of gold (see all of her charity work) — all that on top of her breathtaking visuals. She’s weathered controversies with a lot of strength and recently had to take time off due to anxiety but still made efforts to meet with fans. Mina is a true role model and has positively impacted my life and many others'." —esthert40dd33d1f

    "She's known for being an introvert, but is such a derp once you get to know her! She's so kindhearted and puts her members before her, although she usually doesn't show it. She's been taking off time due to anxiety recently, but now she's back (maybe not 100%) and it's good to see her again!" —machalatte811"

    20. Huening Kai (TXT)

    Big Hit Entertainment

    "Even though TXT just released their second album, I've known them since pre-debut, and Huening Kai is hilarious, downright adorable, and always brings a smile to my face." —quietuniverse

    21. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

    SM Entertainment

    "From We Got Married to her solo comeback to now, I’ve always loved her and everything she stands for!" —xbadgirlriri_

    "I don’t care that she left because SNSD will forever be nine in SONE’s hearts, and I just found her to be one of the kindest people out there." —snoopy05

    22. Jonghyun (SHINee)

    SM Entertainment

    "That man is so much more than an idol. He is a poet, and I've never met a person with so much understanding for other people's emotions and opinions than him. Don't even get me started on his music. He always was and ALWAYS WILL BE my one and only bias."—kkristina2606

    "He didn’t become my ultimate bias until later (I still regret that since he became my ultimate bias after his passing.) But even then, I fell in love with his passion for music, humor, not afraid to stand up for LGBTQ rights, and just being an all-around amazing star. Forever and always, Jonghyun. Rest in Paradise."—aselaleek

    23. Hyejeong (AOA)

    FNC Entertainment

    "General Shin Hyejeong from AOA! She has such an incredible voice and is the perfect balance of sexy, gorgeous, talented, and insanely HILARIOUS. She was the comedic anchor of Mnet's Queendom. The pretty girls are AOA, and they're coming back on November 26!" —kelliel41784331b

    24. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

    JYP Entertainment

    "He is just a total sweetheart. He makes me smile whenever I'm feeling down. Besides being an amazing leader, he is also a hard worker. He does music editing and matches the choreography. He trained for seven years before he could finally debut. Those things are just a few of the many reasons I love and admire him!" —xxmanonxx

    25. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)


    "She is so different from other idols. Mamamoo is so different from other groups. Moonbyul writes almost al of her own raps. She is the ultimate K-pop girl crush. She’s just awesome." —rkoezen6

    26. Jungkook (BTS)

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    "He is extremely funny, outgoing, and dorky at the same time, but he also has a soft side and he’s really caring towards others." —gcfsdaisy

    27. JeA (soloist, Brown Eyed Girls)

    Mystic Story

    "She is one of realest idols in the industry. She doesn’t even act like she’s in a girl group — she’s so loud/silly, and yet she probably has some of the strongest vocals in K-pop." —meganh4fa92ce22

    28. Yves (LOONA)

    Blockberry Creative

    "Just look at her and see what she can do. 'Nuff said." —joevan

    29. Zico (soloist, Block B)

    KOZ Entertainment

    "Not only is he the best rapper out there, but he is also an amazing solo artist, leader of Block B and his crew Fanxy Child, AND he just started his own company, KOZ Entertainment." —sixtenpw

    30. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

    JYP Entertainment

    "I LOOOVE Jeongyeon from TWICE! She is actually the reason I became a ONCE in the first place! She is always herself, kinda annoying but super nice, and she is my K-pop crush!" —gabisass2017

    31. V (BTS)

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    "He's got every single personality type within him: a stage presence that defies explanation, and a voice deeper than the Mariana Trench. You never know what he's going to do, be, or say next — but that, my friends, is all part of the fun." —alicee40631410d

    32. Jisoo (Blackpink)

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    "Girl be slaying all the lines she's been given, and she never fails to make me laugh because of her personality." —bluearereclusive

    33. JB (GOT7)

    JYP Entertainment

    "He's an amazingly talented writer, producer, singer, dancer, and cat dad." —a45e7491cd

    "He’s literally perfection. He can do everything. He’s so talented and a great leader. He’s also a great producer and all of the songs he writes are bops." —guhlores

    "Everyone in GOT7, but my ultimate bias is JB. In the words of Jackson Wang, 'So chic and sexy.'”—y42d92ad9a

    34. Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls, soloist)

    Mystic Story

    "She is sexy as hell, a goddess, and will cut you." —m4b1d3e9cc

    35. Young K (Day6)

    JYP Entertainment

    "Young K, although many My Days call him Brian! I swear there is nothing this man isn't great at. Not only is he an incredible vocalist and bass player, he also raps AND writes 90% of the lyrics for Day6's songs. I don't understand how much talent can be in one person. He's also hilarious and loves messing with other band members, but the genuine support he shows them is the sweetest." —nikkil28

    36. Chuu (LOONA)

    Blockberry Creatvie

    "She is so upbeat and happy, and she also supports LGBT rights. Her solo, "Heart Attack" is so good, and she's hella pretty." —youresostylish

    37. Taeyong (NCT 127, SuperM, NCT U)

    SM Entertainment / Capitol Records

    "He’s just such a well-rounded idol. He’s fantastic at dancing, he can rap, he can sing, all combined with the fact that he’s a visual and leader. It’s especially hard to stand out in a group as large and talented as NCT, but he manages to do so. Plus, he has one of the strongest scalps in K-Pop — that boy has had every hair color on the spectrum, and he still hasn’t fallen victim to baldness yet." —murphygraham2796

    38. Daehwi (AB6IX, formerly of Wanna One)

    Brand New Music

    "I've been listening to K-pop for over 10 years and I have to admit that no idol has come even close to how much I love Daehwi. He is just a clear example that you can achieve whatever you aspire to be, even if the rest of the world is against you." —aleg2

    39. Sehun (EXO)

    SM Entertainment

    "He went from a shy teenager who barely had lines to a world-famous model and rapper who has connections throughout the industry. I’m younger than him but I’m so, so, so immensely proud of how much he’s grown and how talented he is." —muskaangwl

    40. Baekho (NU'EST)

    Pledis Entertainment

    "He’s an incredible vocalist and a talented composer/producer/songwwriter. He went through hard times with his group but still persisted all these years through his love for both his members and fans. He's the cutest!" —randomleaguegirl

    41. Jimin (BTS)

    Noam Galai / Getty Images

    "He is so soft and sweet and he cares so deeply about his members and his fans. He's so giggly and even complains cutely. He is kind, and we truly do not deserve him." —r4af5da494

    "He is so cute and handsome! He can be a mochi and a sexy bad boy at the same time. He is the king of my heart, and no one can beat him." —blossomlys"

    42. Donghae (Super Junior)

    SM Entertainment

    "He been fine since debut. He has survived the ugliest of hairstyles and eras. I love a lot of artists, but I'd risk it all for him lmao!" —lynette

    43. Seung Hun (CIX)

    C9 Entertainment

    "I've been in love with him since YG Treasure Box."—lusandamiya19

    44. Felix (Stray Kids)

    JYP Entertainment

    "I was devastated when he was [initially] eliminated from Stray Kids, because he was passionate and determined. But I’m so happy that he and Minho ended up back in the group, because I could never imagine Stray Kids without them. One minute Felix will be a little cutie pie, and all of a sudden he will turn into this hot dancing machine with a voice as deep as the ocean." —bearbearbear121212

    45. Chenle (NCT Dream)

    SM Entertainment

    "I love his bubbly personality and his voice, and seeing how much he's grown in singing and dancing makes me so proud. There's something about him that always brings a smile to my face, and he has gotten me through so many hard times in my life." —97jungkooky

    46. Youngjae (GOT7)

    JYP Entertainment

    "He is the most adorable, precious sunshine and he never fails to make me smile. He deserves the world!!" —maya_041130

    47. Onew (SHINee)

    SM Entertainment

    "His voice and acting are so fantastic and well-known that I wish he was able to do more. He just seems like an overall good person and a leader who cares about his members. And last but not least, he's very handsome." —roundcheese

    48. Rocky (ASTRO)


    "That boy will be the death of me." —jadino17

    49. Yunho (TVXQ)

    SM Entertainment

    "For an idol in who's been in the industry for as long as he has (15 years!!), his image is squeaky clean and he's famous for being super kind and polite to his sunbaes and hoobaes alike!" —blaiseb98

    50. Kang Minhee (X1)

    Swing Entertainment

    "Babie president. Tall, soft, and smart. Invented humor. A whole 185 cm (six feet tall) package. Get stanning." —realnochu

    51. G-Dragon (BIGBANG, soloist)

    YG Entertainment

    "Talented AF songwriter and fashion icon. VIP represent." —mallorys4b83d044b

    Celebrate your ultimate bias in the comments!