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36 Of The Best Things To Buy On Amazon When You're Drunk

Ok, maybe "best" is a bit of a stretch.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their best and/or weirdest drunk purchases on Amazon. Here are their hilarious responses:

1. A cheeky bumper sticker for the most devoted lovers of #2.

"Road rage drivers don’t honk at me because they don’t want to encourage my hilariousness. I have at least two drivers a day taking a picture of it at red lights while cracking up. It also helped me get a promotion at work (the boss told me this herself) because the 'higher ups' loved it! 10/10 would drunk purchase again." —FallenAngelsRiz

Get it for $6.89.

2. A snuggly narwhal onesie for lounging, wearing on Halloween, walking around the city — the possibilities are endless.

"What made it awful was that it autofilled my company credit card instead of my personal debit card. I had to explain to my boss, and then his boss, and then submit my receipt to headquarters. I still have yet to hear the end of it." —kla0401

Get it for $69.

3. A copy of Gordon Ramsay's perfectly titled autobiography, because everyone deserves a chance to tell their ~whole~ story.

"I was drunk watching MasterChef and my husband told me I almost cried while saying I thought that Gordon Ramsay must just be misunderstood." —shelleybaxterg

Get it for $13.01.

7. The most magnificent "Funny Cute Cat Dressed as Rambo With Gun Riding a Glowing Red Eyes Fire Breathing Unicorn Mouse Pad" you've ever laid eyes on.

"I got wine drunk, blacked out, and must have turned off all notifications for Amazon while shopping, because two days later the most amazing thing showed up at my house unexpectedly. It now sits proudly on my desk at work." —lornejangle

Get it for $7.99.

8. A comfy neck pillow shaped like a red chili pepper so you can travel in style.

"It’s arguably my best Amazon purchase ever." —heatherp40c82dcc2

Get it for $8.99. If you're not a fan of chilis, fret not — it also comes in eggplant and shrimp versions. 🍆 🍤

9. A snazzy bubble wrap calendar that'll have you ~bursting~ with excitement every morning.

"After a State of the Union drinking game, my roommate and I bought a bubble wrap wall calendar. Not at all disappointed when it showed up a week later — who doesn’t love getting to pop bubble wrap every day?!" —gingersnaps1092

Get it for $26.99.

10. A sea monkey kit for those who probably can't be trusted with keeping real pets alive.

"The little shrimp creatures started having babies and I had SO many sea monkeys. I grew to love and adore them. That was until my boyfriend spilled them all over the carpeted floor. We honestly got into a fight over my dead sea monkeys and I’m still mad about it. RIP my whiskey-inspired sea monkeys." —BreeJeffer

Get it for $10.50.

11. A cello to make your dreams of being a world-reowned classical musician come true (but make sure you get it in the right size).

"I don't even play and even worse than that is I bought a full-sized one when I should have gotten a 3/4 size since my T-Rex arms are too short to properly learn how to play the damn thing." —Kay Koskela, Facebook

Get the set for $199.99.

12. A set of devilishly handsome Zac Efron cupcake toppers that capture his best hair days, tbh.

"After a great night of getting drunk at home with some friends, my roommate discovered that she had ordered edible stickers of Zac Efron’s face. A week later she baked them onto cupcakes." —hannahh4424f4c00

Get them for $3.25.

14. A used Ouija board that was most definitely haunted thanks to its previous owners.

"Weeks later, when my apartment lights started flickering, I stared at it in horror and swore off getting drunk on $4 wine." —ennathinks

Get one (that hasn't been previously used) for $22.94.

15. An Amazon Prime membership followed up by some very redeeming horse head masks.

"I woke up in horror the next morning when I saw my bank account, but it turned out to be one of the smartest purchases I've made. I used that Prime membership to drunkenly buy horse head masks so my friends and I could have some immature fun." —Lee Werner, Facebook

Get a Prime membership for $99 and horse mask for $16.99.

17. A "wine rack" for your boobs because bras that don't contain hidden alcohol padding are B-list bras.

"It’s a sports bra that holds an entire bottle of wine that you can drink from with this long straw like a CamelBak." —katiev42503191e

Get it for $29.99.

19. A fun-sized pocket breathalyzer to satiate your curious self during ~future~ alcohol consumption.

"I wanted to see how drunk I was. Except I was a little too drunk to remember that Amazon takes a few days to deliver. I thought that it'd be at my apartment within the hour and I even kept checking my phone to see if it had been delivered yet." —Dustin Ginsberg, Facebook

Get one for $27. Or if you're really committed, get a more expensive but highly rated one for $100.

20. The complete series of The Flintstones, because you deserve quality cartoons at all times of the day.

"Once after leaving a party in college, I came home to stuff my face with pizza and watch TV. Disheartened by my viewing choices I exclaimed, 'There are no good cartoons on!' It was 3 am." —jayneep2

Get the DVD set for $70.99.

23. Train horns that your significant other definitely won't judge you for.

"My boyfriend decided to become a redneck and buy a train horn for his truck. He installed them and throughout the day they drained his battery. He got stranded at work." —ajg4c8e6e610

Get a set of three for $34.95.

25. A life-size alien cardboard cutout that kind of looks like E.T. if you squint really hard., Universal Pictures / Via

Submitted by calistas4e06e2327

I couldn't find an actual E.T. cutout on Amazon. SUE ME. But you can get a generic alien instead for $39.99.

27. A chubby garden gnome sleeping on a hammock, which no lawn or office desk is complete without.

"My little sister had it shipped to our family home, so my parents were very confused when a mini gnome appeared on their doorstep a few days later. My mom sent a picture of it in our family group message asking where it came from, thinking my great aunt from Florida, who is a frequent HSN shopper, might have had sent it as a gift. It wasn't until then that my sister even remembered ordering it. As weird as it is, we still set him out during the holidays as a decoration." —Olivia Brand, Facebook

Get it for $22.

28. A soy candle–making kit, which is probably best to play around with when sober, because hot wax and all.

"My first ever time getting drunk, I was feeling crafty and bought $60 worth of candle-making supplies. I didn't have a job and instead used the 'emergency savings' that my parents gave me. That was really fun to explain." —Cayla Walton, Facebook

You could buy supplies separately...or just get this kit for $39.

29. Shel Silverstein books to fill the gaping holes in someone's childhood left by the lack of these classics.,,,

"I was wasted at the bar reminiscing about my childhood and my boyfriend said he had never read them, so I ordered them right then and there and proceeded to cry about how much he had missed out on as a child." —marci ziemba

Get Where the Sidewalk Ends for $11.29, The Giving Tree for $10.39, Falling Up for $11.49, and A Light in the Attic for $12.59.

30. A tiny brush that will spruce up your dirty butt in no time.

"I sent them to a few of my friends because I thought it was the most hilarious product ever. By the time they got them, I had forgotten I even sent them." —bridgetten465adb552

Get it for $16.56.

31. A snake bite kit never know.

"I had a trip to the desert coming up with friends and had it in my head I would be an unlikely hero at some point. Of course I never had the opportunity to use it, which I guess is fortunate." —asable925

Get it for $14.60.

33. A talking bathroom scale that is very eager to inform you how many pounds you've put on.

"It announces your weight VERY loudly. Also, every time you bump into it in the closet it says, 'Hello, are YOU ready?' Drunk me didn’t read the fine print, clearly." —missmarthaanne

Get it for $40.89.

35. A cute stuffed zebra for your pup to inevitably destroy (out of love).

"I had just thrown away my dog's favorite zebra chew toy cause she had officially destroyed it, so she sat by the garbage can and whined all night. I felt racked with guilt and drowned it in red wine. A few days later a box of 8 stuffed zebras arrived!" —kristenelisen

Get it for $14.39.

36. A winning combination of gummy worms, a French cookbook, a giant unicorn pool float, and purple hair dye.,,,

"Because, you know, those are the essentials." —lisimohandessi

Get the gummy worms for $14.24, French cookbook for $27.19, unicorn float for $49.49, and purple hair dye for $10.99.

And last but not least...

"Every time I buy off Amazon I'm drunk." —l4bbb4efe7

#goals #winningatlife

The comments for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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