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25 Insanely Cute Babies That Will Make You Smash That Instagram Follow Button

*tries to squish cheeks through screen*

1. Joey, the famed napper, who delights fans every day with her totally real jobs, love for eating, and facials.

And another photo to fully appreciate the full-on squishiness of her cheeks.

2. Hugo, a lil beb whose social calendar surely revolves around #tongueouttuesday.

And nothing is as delightful as Hugo's giggles, nothing. IT'S A FACT.

3. Mame does pretty much everything with her rather large poodle siblings (they're still waiting for the DNA tests), like playing a very serious game of peek-a-boo.

4. Aria, who knows life is always better with a monstrous side of sprinkles...and hair accessories.

5. Royce, whose interests include crawling towards the great unknown and showing off his rolls for days!

6. The Ha sisters strengthen their sibling bond in many ways, but playing in a mini ball pit together might just rank the highest!

7. Ethan wants everyone to see his raccoon onesie from different angles so you experience all 360 degrees of CUTENESS.

8. Olivia doesn't quite know what to think of the Louvre but she knows just how CUTE her outfit is, so, in her humble opinion, this backdrop only serves to accentuate ~la mode~ (the fashion).

9. Tao is just a cuddly bear of affection, giggles, and occasionally puke, but we love him at any given time! Just look at that tiny mohawk! I die!

10. This cutie pie in a bucket accompanied by five of her husky pups — never a dull moment in this household, I'm sure!

11. Dannica sneaks in kisses with her little bro DJ in between naps and whenever she gets the chance, like the best big sis she is!

12. William and Bentley currently star on The Return of Superman, a South Korean reality show that follows adorable kiddos and their celebrity dads around on their shenanigans.

13. The Song triplets (Daehan, Minguk, and Manseh) are well past their baby stages, but I'm giving them a pass because LOOK AT THEIR MATCHING OUTFITS.

14. This affectionate bb girl is happiest when watching her fave show and cuddling with her BFF, Shoo the Pomeranian.

15. Oscar and Xavier, tiny Aussie twinsies who are world-famous champions of synchronized napping, onesie styling, and never separating, ever.

16. Ginjiro and Moa-Chan, a silly but iconic duo who always lets their shiba tag along for photo opps and adventures, because three is NEVER a crowd.

17. Conor, whose cheeks are *still* just as squishy as they were in this photo from two years ago (SORRY, but it's just too cute!).

18. Ayla, who totally has the right to serve this "I'm so over it" look given that she's sick — but just between you and me, it's more adorable than intimidating.

19. Hinata has the cheekiest of smiles and I'm not mad about it! Not one bit!

20. Nabong is happiest ~out n' about~ in nature, amongst a backdrop of cheerful yellow flowers. She even matched her socks, cause you better believe she knows her primary colors inside and out!

21. Asuna has already mastered the art of chopping vegetables and she's not even two yet! How DOES she do it??

22. It's scientifically proven that hearing baby laughs daily — especially dear Leah's — will increase your life span by 10 years.

23. This precious darling, who knows the key to enjoying food is closing one's eyes, thus fully engaging one's taste buds, and then excitedly speaking some gibberish about it.

24. Coco and Jolie show off their #siblinggoals, Chinese New Year style!!

25. And this sassy spotted coat wearer who needs a moment before she can do a deep dive into this mouthwatering poutine — you gotta do some reflecting before you commit, ya know?

No brain cells left for coherent sentences, only:

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