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    26 School Supplies Under $10 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

    Upgrade your studying game without breaking the bank.

    1. For easy-to-find chapter summaries at a glance, use divider sticky notes over ordinary Post-its.

    2. Or, if you just need to hold your place or remind yourself of important lines of text, you can't go wrong with classic neon tabs (that come in three different widths!).

    3. Jot down your to-do list on a dry-erase board that you'll never lose track of...because it'll be there staring at you every time you lift your head up.

    4. Drop all of your pens, clips, Post-its, and studying essentials in a desk caddy.

    5. Ditch all the free pens you get at orientation for a high-quality fine-point set that might actually excite you about taking notes.

    6. Want to color-code your notes? Take a pack of multicolored pens for a spin.

    7. Keep a pretty patterned weekly planner next to your keyboard to jot down important meetings and tasks as they come filtering in.

    8. Or try a full-sized planner for more space and detail — and maybe if you have a hard time keeping track of the actual date (so like, everyone).

    9. Organize important passages with every color of the rainbow using retractable highlighters.

    10. If you find that your notes are always super scattered, try a more structured notebook with sections for cues/questions, notes, and summaries.

    11. Or, if you prefer regular lined (or blank) notebooks, here are very solid spiral-bound and book-bound options.

    12. Keep a compact staple-less stapler handy so you don't have to keep buying replacement packs.

    13. Tote and organize all of your loose-leaf papers and folders into an expandable accordion file that's both super cute and functional.

    14. And while you're at home, keep everything in check with a wall pocket organizer.

    15. Clip on a book light so you don't keep your roommate awake when you need to stay up late reading.

    16. Protect your laptop from scratches and the like with a sturdy protective sleeve.

    17. Prevent a downfall of snack crumbs from destroying the functionality of your keyboard with a washable plastic cover (that comes in lots of attractive colors and designs!).

    18. Give your wrist a lil' much-needed support with a padded mousepad so you're not constantly wringing it out due to pain.

    19. Refresh your desk with an adorable blushing pencil cup that will instantly put you at ease.

    20. Stick a few cable clips right within reach, so you're not always grappling to find your phone or laptop charger.

    21. Avoid backpack clutter by keeping all of your writing utensils and easily-lost supplies in chic canvas pouches.

    22. Keep your desk space actually free by tucking away your school supplies in a not-too-big drawer storage unit.

    23. Blur out mistakes with correction tape that is easy to write on, doesn't flake, and actually sticks to the paper.

    24. Pencil your way through the school year in bright colors, whether your preference is mechanical or wooden.

    25. And sharpen your pencils in a pair of nostrils, because why the fuck not?

    26. And finally...a smiling tissue box to wipe away all your sleep-deprived tears.

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