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38 Of The Cutest Animal-Themed Products You've Ever Seen

You aren't ready.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A darling print illustrating interspecies friendships at their finest.

Friends lift you up when you're hungry. Literally. Because you're too short to reach your food.

Get it from Jay Fleck on Society6 for $16.

2. Ridiculously snug, heated narwhal slippers that will make your feet the happiest they've ever been.

Will you ever leave the house again? Probably not. Is that totally acceptable? Probably not, but I'm gonna say yes.

Get them from Amazon for $36.95 (USB wired) or $45.95 (wireless).

3. A cheery pin that proves bats are far from being scary creatures of the night.

He'll *swoop* in on your heart.

Get it from jesiiii on Etsy for $14.

4. A chubby elephant mug that has a little head pocket for your tea bag.

Brain juice for your little friend, if you will.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16.

5. A pair of mischievous hippos who are very eager to take a bite out of your ear.

Get the earring studs from tinyclaymade on Etsy for $21.90.

6. Pocket-sized wireless speakers that are also the perfect desktop pet.

Or, you know, a full-on zoo.

Get them from Amazon for $24.99 each.

7. A peaceful llama oven mitt for all of your hot-handling needs and desires.

No burns for you! But maybe a nap.

Get it from ModCloth for $14.99.

8. An insanely plump faux-fur beanbag for fox lovers near and far.

You'll never consider a real chair again.

Get it from PBteen for $134 (slipcover only) or $219 (slipcover + insert). Also available in yeti, cat, owl, and St. Jude's bear versions.

9. A handsome garland of sloths that are bound to be the 🎉 life of the party 🎉.

Get it from BalticClub on Etsy for $16.92.

10. An awkward bunny and rhino who are just trying their absolute best to make it through life.

What's life without a few stumbles? Or too-large feet? Or uneven weight distribution in the snout area?

Get the bunny here and the rhino here.

11. A cute stuffed lion pillow that will add a little bit of safari flair to your living room.

Get it from Gingiber on Etsy for $30.

12. A silky eye mask so you can get some quality shut-eye while still looking cute.

Cuteness never sleeps.

Get it from NipNopsUK on Amazon Handmade for $13. Other choices include a penguin and unicorn (horn included, obvs).

13. A row of transparent cat lights that will paw-sitively delight your guests.

Get them from ModCloth for $21.99.

14. A lil' cow who will make sure no one tries to pull a fast one and steal your prized colored pencils.

Y'know, just hanging around.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

15. A whimsical set of woodland animal temporary tattoos that will take you one step closer to being a real life Snow White.

Get a sheet of eight from katebroughton on Etsy for $6.89. Also available as nail stickers.

16. Little pandas masquerading as slippers for people who suffer from cold feet.

But they'll never leave you at the altar.

Get them from Amazon for $8.30.

17. A wide-mouthed shark bowl that will make snacktime infinitely better.

Eating out of a shark's insides > eating out of a regular bowl.

Get it from Think Geek for $12.99.

18. A sweet otter who won't let go of your tape no matter what happens.

If there isn't a fellow otter around to hold hands with, then a roll of tape will have to suffice.

Get it from Amazon for $13.89.

19. A pampering panda beauty set that comes with sheet masks, exfoliating face pads, and cooling eye pads.

Get it from Asos for $25.

20. A yawning black cat candle holder that is a surefire reflection of you on the daily.

Never not sleepy.

Get it from ZenibasAttic on Etsy for $15.04.

21. An udderly adorable humidifier that will save your parched, patchy skin this winter.

And clear up those stuffed nasal passages while you're at it. Gotta love flu season!

Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

22. Adorable, fluffy pups that are actually bluetooth speakers.

Which one does not belong?? 🤔

Get them from PBteen for $69 each.

23. A set of smiling angel kitty measuring bowls to help you bake the purr-fect desserts.

Unstack 'em, stack 'em, dance around your kitchen.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $24.94.

24. Corgi socks that you'll purposefully have peeking out from the tops of your boots.

Get them from Shop BuzzFeed for $12.

25. A tiny galaxy-colored raccoon who must be protected at all costs.

Look at how scared he looks, clutching his tail. Poor bb!

Get it from LullabyForFox on Etsy for $21.40.

26. A sleek, glazed pink container with a baby deer perched up on top as a handle.

Oh deer, what to put inside?

Get it from H&M for $12.99.

27. A pair of petite, dainty ceramic cups featuring identical tweeters.

Get them from BodesignsSHOP on Etsy for $17.89.

28. A colorful lineup of flattering, hydrating bunny lip glosses that you can keep handy in every purse/bag you own.

Get a set of nine for $25.25, but you can also buy them individually.

29. A rose-gold giraffe planter that looks most regal and stately.

As if guarding your greenery with its neck.

Get it from Francesca's for $16.

30. Precious bat pendants that make for a unique accessory.

And not just for Halloween, people. Bats should have their moment all year round.

Get them from Barruntando on Etsy for $20.18 each.

31. Curled-up cat drink markers so your forgetful friends don't take a sip out of your wine glass.

Paws off.

Get a set of six from Amazon for $10.

32. Paper string lights that add a colorful parade of elephants around your room.

Get them from metemade on Etsy for $11.99.

33. A quaint birdhouse setup so your keys always have a place to be.

Instead of being thrown literally anywhere around the house (and then promptly becoming lost in the abyss).

Get it from Amazon for $3.92.

34. Sleepy squirrel wrapping paper so cute that your friends won't have the heart to carelessly rip off (like the impatient savages they usually are).

Best yet, just wrap an empty box. The wrapping paper's the gift, surprise!

Get it from Audrey Jeanne on Tictail for $2.12. Also available as a notebook.

35. Golden, kitty-eared headphones that will put your plebeian earbuds to shame.

Let your ears experience real luxury.

Get them from PBteen for $59.

36. A delighted bunny who is just over the moon about the basket of juicy strawberries she just handpicked.

>__________< !!!!

Get it from WinkPins on Etsy for $12.

37. A polished elephant spoon rest to keep you company as you cook up a storm.

And, well, to provide a resting place for your spoon (because that countertop is NOT clean).

Get it from Francesca's for $16.

38. A crazy soft polar bear scarf that will be as close as you can get to having a polar bear's thick fur.

Complete with a lil' pom-pom tail, eep!

Get it from ModCloth for $64.99.

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