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38 Of The Cutest Animal-Themed Products You've Ever Seen

You aren't ready.

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1. A darling print illustrating interspecies friendships at their finest.

Friends lift you up when you're hungry. Literally. Because you're too short to reach your food.

Get it from Jay Fleck on Society6 for $16.

2. Ridiculously snug, heated narwhal slippers that will make your feet the happiest they've ever been.

Will you ever leave the house again? Probably not. Is that totally acceptable? Probably not, but I'm gonna say yes.

Get them from Amazon for $36.95 (USB wired) or $45.95 (wireless).

8. An insanely plump faux-fur beanbag for fox lovers near and far.

You'll never consider a real chair again.

Get it from PBteen for $134 (slipcover only) or $219 (slipcover + insert). Also available in yeti, cat, owl, and St. Jude's bear versions.

10. An awkward bunny and rhino who are just trying their absolute best to make it through life.

What's life without a few stumbles? Or too-large feet? Or uneven weight distribution in the snout area?

Get the bunny here and the rhino here.

33. A quaint birdhouse setup so your keys always have a place to be.

Instead of being thrown literally anywhere around the house (and then promptly becoming lost in the abyss).

Get it from Amazon for $3.92.

34. Sleepy squirrel wrapping paper so cute that your friends won't have the heart to carelessly rip off (like the impatient savages they usually are).

Best yet, just wrap an empty box. The wrapping paper's the gift, surprise!

Get it from Audrey Jeanne on Tictail for $2.12. Also available as a notebook.

37. A polished elephant spoon rest to keep you company as you cook up a storm.

And, well, to provide a resting place for your spoon (because that countertop is NOT clean).

Get it from Francesca's for $16.

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