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22 Gifts Every Book Lover Needs

Especially if that person is yourself.

1. Library card socks

2. Hand-stamped stainless steel spoon bookmark

3. Book charm bracelet

4. Wuthering Heights tank hop

5. Oliver Twist library card art print

6. Bird book pillow.

7. Sherlock Holmes silver pendant


9. Harry Potter Marauder's Map

10. Alice in Wonderland (Alice im Wunderland) book tee

11. Pride and Prejudice recycled book page bracelet

12. Winterfell scented soy candle

13. Nancy Drew book purse

14. The Twits pocket cushion cover

15. The Lord of the Rings journal

16. Book lovers mug

17. Temporary Ulysses tattoo

18. Dewey decimal ring

19. For Whom the Bell Tolls poster

20. Booked sweatshirt

21. The Atwood Blend coffee

22. A big pile of books