We Tried The Food At The Hello Kitty Restaurant In Hong Kong

    Kawaii Chinese dumplings? Yes please!

    1. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine opened in Hong Kong just two months ago, and everyone is excited.

    2. If you visit, be prepared to queue.

    3. There's no English menu.

    4. The most popular dishes are (surprise surprise) the dumplings.

    5. The restaurant was founded by entrepreneur Man Kwong.

    6. Kwong says the restaurant's success is all due to the fans.

    7. The food is surprisingly good for you.

    8. All the details are made with natural colouring.

    9. There's a private VIP room.

    10. The decor is pretty highbrow.

    11. Hello Kitty Wine is available too.

    12. As are bricks of Chinese tea leaves.

    13. Kwong's favourite dish is the meat patty hair bow.

    14. He also loves the fried flat noodles.

    15. The food is actually pretty tasty.

    16. Though you are paying a premium to eat Hello Kitty's face.

    17. This is Master Law, the head dumpling chef.

    18. Making Hello Kitty-shaped dim sum is harder than it looks.

    19. In fact, the whole project was tricky to pull together.

    20. Labour of love is an understatement.

    21. But it's all been worth it.