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IDGAF What You Say, Time Warner Cable Customer Service Is The Shit

This cable company is the shit!

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2. The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight ended up being pretty boring, so it's actually better that you missed it.

My ppv is NOT working! There's no way I'm paying $100. Customer service not answering??? #twc #PacquiaoMayweather #twc_help @TWC @TWC_Help


4. They don't bother with silly, useless traditions like saying goodbye.


5. By comparison, they make other service offers look pretty good.

A man just knocked on my door, called me "big homie" and offered to mow my grass. I declined, but still better customer service than @TWC.


6. Plus, while you're waiting for customer service to respond to your call, you can catch up your entire Netflix queue.

TWC customer service RT @erikmal "please hold" RT @samfbiddle: Lmfao (from a friend not me)

7. TWC will help you find closure with your ex.

Lovely chat with a Time Warner customer service representative.

8. TWC is just like your grandpa, driving ~safely~ under the speed limit.

@TWC you have some explaining to do. Been like this or worse for months. I'm paying for 80 Mbps #customerservice


10. TWC is also bringing back the radio! So #retro!

11. Remember when TWC didn't merge with Comcast? That was nice!

In a cruel twist of fate, the TWC/Comcast merger has been nixed due to the FCC rep still being on hold with customer service since February

12. TWC supplies you with so much extra cable, you won't know what to do with it! Neither will they!


14. They're super eager for your feedback.

15. TWC is like your best friend--they're not gonna answer your stupid questions.

Busting Time Warner Cable for customer service blunders is easier than most anything I can think of.

16. They do free alterations of service, no question asked!

17. @TWC_Help knows how to get followers. "Follow me so I can DM you..." very clever. I see you, @TWC_Help.

@queenbjan Janice, please follow me, so it will allow me to DM you. Here is Twitter guide on how to DM: ^CD


18. They make videos so even the dumbest among us can understand our bills. Thanks TWC!

ok. time warner. you can't do ANYTHING right with customer service but you just sent me my bill in VIDEO form.

19. Sometimes customer service can get quite philosophical. That IS correct. *stares out window, ponders life*

Time Warner is EXCELLENT at customer service

20. TWC demands your time and respect.

Really Time Warner #Cable? Appreciate the 10 hr window. Embarrassing. Customer service #fail, again. @TWC_SoCal @TWC

21. TWC is totally down with millenial lingo.

22. TWC customer service could help rid the world of drugs. How could that be a bad thing?

23. TWC will stop you from making huge mistakes, like watching Pawn Stars.

24. TWC customer service: it's better than getting stabbed!

25. They're hiring!

We're hiring Customer Service Reps in Columbia SC. Job Fair today - 9am-4pm. Hyatt Place-1130 Kinley Road, Irmo,SC.

26. This TWC might actually be a strip club? Tiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I figured out how Time Warner Cable has such good customer service #busted