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11 Most Insane Things That Happened In Pennsylvania In 2015

Before yinz read this, grab yourself a glass of wooder.

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Police arrived at the Union Township home after 47-year-old Thomas Veres threw furniture around the apartment and gave his brother a black eye, all because he bought three Big Macs and did not save one for Thomas.

2. Dogs Seeking Cupcakes Set Fire To Pennsylvania Home

Michael Blann / Getty Images

While their owner was out, mischievous dogs tried to get to a box of cupcakes left on top of a stove and instead knocked on the gas and started a fire in a central Pennsylvania home. ***No dogs were hurt***

5. Man Robs Bank Using Sex Toy Disguised As Bomb, Police Say

Jocic / Getty Images

Aaron Stein, 35, allegedly robbed a PNC Bank in Crafton by telling employees he was carrying an explosive device. Turns out the device was just black tape, a box, vibrator and a cell phone.

6. Girl, 4, Sneaks Out, Hops Bus In Search Of 3 A.M. Slushie

Paha_l / Getty Images

A 4-year-old girl slipped out of her house into the rain at 3 a.m. and hopped a Philadelphia bus in search of a slushie. The bus driver called the police and she was soon reunited with her parents.

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