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13 Things The Hamburglar Looks Like

Is he hot enough?

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McDonald's wants you to meet the new Hamburglar: a pseudo-hipster dad who thinks theft is totally cool.


1. So who exactly was McDonald's channeling when they made this decision?

@msullivandawson was pretty spot-on when she said the new #Hamburglar looks like Cary Elwes from "Princess Bride."

2. R. Kelly?


3. Johnny Depp in Don Juan DeMarco?

American Zoetrope

4. Repo Man?

@McDonalds new version of Hamburglar looks an awful lot like @WWE Repo Man @mookieghana @LAWradio @davemeltzerWON

5. A Raccoon?

Really not feeling the new Hamburglar design

6. That guy in your improv class?

The new hamburglar looks like every guy anyone has ever taken an improv class with

7. Trivago Guy/Christian Gray?

This new Hamburglar looks like a cross between the Trivago Guy and Christian Gray.

Watch @FiftyShades Darker teaser: Christian Grey dons the mask

8. Guy Fieri?

Daring choice by McDonald's for the new Hamburglar

9. This guy?

McDonald's is really taking The Hamburglar in a bold new direction.

10. The bad guys from A Christmas Story?

The new @McDonalds #Hamburglar looks like the guys from "A Christmas Story." Adios, Bart!

11. Robin Thicke?


12. Chris Pines?

The new Hamburglar looks like a reboot of Zorro starring Chris Pine.

Nah. These aren't quite right.

TriStar Pictures

Wait a second... why do those shoes look so familiar?


Of course! They look like those Isabel Marant Red Suede Canvas Wedge Sneakers...

Isabel Marant

Worn by Beyonce. Wait... Beyoncé???

The black hat? The black coat?




13. Hambeyoncé?

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Now I'm on board.


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