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The Most Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Straight Out Of Texas

Summer military exercises taking place in Texas have become a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.

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Great questions. Especially the second. But let's start with Jade Helm. When we hear that, we think this: a hot, red-headed superhero fighting against the scourge of unrecycled trash.


Training operations of this type are done on the reg, but Jade Helm 15 is unusual because of its large size. Which leads us to...


I've ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 to safeguard Texans' constitutional rights, private property & civil liberties


This map of military training exercises, published by the Washington Post, stoked conspiracy concerns when people misinterpreted the "hostile" portion of the map as referring to actual Texas citizens (not imagined foreign hostility for training purposes).


That map isn't the "only" evidence martial law conspiracy theorists have discovered. Many believe their beloved Walmart is also involved in these dastardly government plans.

@NeonNettle #JadeHelm15 walmart closures. Also note they are the hostile zones for jade helm

Amount of #Secrecy & #Disinfo regarding #JadeHelm15 & #Walmart is beginning to distress the Public; it's time for Truth, not Lies. #NoNWO

I kept asking a Walmart manager about the tunnels and he said I needed to leave the store. Obviously we live in a Police State #JadeHelm15


Well if everyone is jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon, why not presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz?

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