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39 Times We Reached Peak "New York Times" In 2015

Here's to the New York Times, reporting as only the Times can. Showing rich people. Doing Things. Food we don't want to eat. Overenunciation. Fancy headlines. SMDH.

The Times bestowed on us many gifts this year. Many a mirror was turned on society. Through these tweets and images, we were able to "keep up" with the "culture" of "millennials." Through the headlines, we were able to "stay woke" on the trials and tribulations of the filthy rich. So sit back, relax, and relive NYT's finest from 2015.

1. Peak Rich People Doing Things:

Thibault Montamat / Via

2. Peak Rich People Being Rich People:

Nathaniel Brooks / Via

3. Peak Rich People Having Kids:

Hilary Swift / Via

4. Peak Indecisive Rich People:

This couple couldn’t decide where to live. So they moved to a different NYC neighborhood every month for a year

5. Peak New York Is Too Damn Expensive:

Kirsten Luce / Via

6. Peak Tiny Rich People:

Nicole Bengiveno / Via

7. Peak Please Someone Stop These Crazy Rich People:

Jason Henry / Via

8. Peak Hair Trend:

Ruth Fremson / Via

9. Peak Man Hair Trend:

Tyler King / Via

10. Peak Fashion Trend:

Isak Tiner / Via

11. Peak Wait WTF Does This Picture Have To Do With Anything:

Wesley Bedrosian / Via

12. Peak Satire:

Dina Litovsky / Via

13. Peak Religion:

Monica Almeida / Via

14. Peak Religious Millennial:

Toni Greaves / Via

15. Peak False Dichotomy:

Adam Glanzman / Via

16. Peak Sports:

Getty / Via

17. Peak WTF Food:

Dominic Perri / Via

18. Peak Hell No Food:

Tony Cenicola / Via

19. Peak Make A Decision How We Should Cook Steak, NYT:

Syracuse Lava Project / Via

20. Peak "It" Grain:

21. Peak Lost Art:

Tina Fineberg / Via

22. Peak Failed Cultural Reference:

23. Peak Melen:

24. Peak Star Wars Fail:

25. Peak Lyrics Fail:

26. Peak Nerd Fail:

27. Peak Indie Fail:

28. Peak Useful Information:

29. Peak Old People:

30. Peak Pig:

Hunan Daily / Via

31. Peak Literary Reference For Viral News:

32. Peak Bunny Quiz:

Andres Serrano / Via

33. Peak Poop:

Jesse Jacobs / Via

34. Peak Cool Kids Suck:

Gianluca Fabrizio / Getty Images / Via

35. Peak California Sucks:

Tom Schierlitz / Via

36. Peak Bro:

Kyle Johnson / Via

37. Peak Beside The Point:

38. Peak ISIS Puns:

Fit for ISIS: the story of one young Egyptian man’s journey to ISIS

39. Peak Hitler:

We asked @nytmag readers: If you could go back and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it? (What's your response?)

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