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    Kids Reenact The First Black Friday On "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

    It's a holiday as old as Thanksgiving itself.

    Kids around the country already reenact sanitized versions of the first Thanksgiving, so why not the first Black Friday?

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    Don't worry, Jimmy Kimmel is on the case. Here's the history.

    While the pilgrims and indians enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, Crazy Jebediah announces tomorrow's big sale at his trading post.

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    With deals like 30% off molasses and half price animal pelts, how could they resist?

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    When Black Friday comes, it goes the way one might expect.

    So how did this holiday get its name?

    ABC / Via JNIjhtZQi3g

    Now we all have a heart-warming Black Friday story we can pass down for generations. Thanks Jimmy.

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    Watch the entire reenactment here:

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