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Hot Men Taking Their Shirts Off And Then Putting Them Back On

He's about to take his shirt off, and then you go and ruin it

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1. When you're about to do it but you accidentally let a loud one rip.

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2. When you take your sexy talk too far. "I want to take your D... and put it in my hairy burrito."


3. When you're like "I need you NOW," and then from downstairs you hear, "Sweetie, we're home, are you in your room?"

4. When you're rubbing naughty parts and making out and then you accidentally lick inside his ear:


5. When you're like, "I'm so horny when I'm on my period."*

Universal Pictures


6. When you have a really hot voice from being sick but then he sees your face:

Warner Bros. Pictures

You are cute but you are not like a 11 or whatever.

7. When he's taking off his shirt and you can't help but poke him in the belly button:

Warner Bros. Pictures

8. When you're hooking up and accidentally call him your brother's name:


9. When you tell him you want him to strip for you but then he catches you checking your snaps:

10. When you're like "Do you want to?" and he's like "No I'm too hot for sex, I'm just airing out my shirt."

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