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Are You A Feminist Or A Meninist?

You can only be one.

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  1. When a guy sees a woman on the street and says, "Nice ass," she should smile and thank him, right?

    Wrong! That type of treatment is alienating and dehumanizing to women.
    No. I mean, I know women often have trouble taking compliments, but that's not really a compliment.
    Exactly! She didn't wear the short skirt for me not to notice. She should relax! Not all men are rapists.
  2. Should men be given equal access to birth control pills?

    Yes! The burden of preventative birth control shouldn't be entirely on the woman's shoulders. I'd love to see the FDA put a male birth control pill on the market.
    No! I would never trust a man to take his birth control pills.
    Yes! Women lie about being on birth control all the time. Then they force those men they tricked to pay child support. It's disgusting.
  3. A man and a woman are on a date, and the woman offers to split the check. Should the man refuse?

    No. She wants equality! She also might feel uncomfortable if he pays, like she owes him something.
    Yes! Men should definitely pay, assuming he asked her out.
    No, never pay for her. If you wanted to pay for sex, you'd get a prostitute. She's just after your money anyway.
  4. Should men hold the door for women?

    No! Unless you do it for both sexes. Women aren't weak; they can open their own doors.
    Yeah! I like to believe chivalry is not dead. It's a sign of respect.
    No! Opening the door for women shows that they control you. Do NOT give in.
  5. When a man and woman get married, should she always take his last name?

    No! If she wants to keep her last name, she should. Taking the husband's last name is an outdated ritual from a time when women became the husband's property anyway.
    She shouldn't be forced to, but it's a good idea. I hate those combination last names — they are so long.
    You spend all your life making a name for yourself, and then your bitch wife gets to take your respectful name and shit all over it. If you don't let her, you're somehow emasculated. Solution? Don't get married.
  6. Should you take the red pill?

    Warner Bros.
    Ugh. We're not in the Matrix. Every woman is not trying to manipulate and control you.
    Is the blue pill Zoloft and the red pill Motrin?
    YES! Swallow it whole and COME TO YOUR SENSES! We live in a man-hating culture and the only way to escape is to swear off women! Join me!

Are You A Feminist Or A Meninist?

You got: Feminist

"Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes." —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie/Beyoncé

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You got: Meryl Streep Feminist

You support gender equality, but you are a little weird about admitting it, and you definitely don't like labels. Maybe read up on intersectionality?

Meryl Streep Feminist
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You got: My ex-wife is a soul-sucking demon whore

Hey, bro, I'm sorry about the divorce. It's OK if you hate her right now. You want to grab a beer and talk about it?

My ex-wife is a soul-sucking demon whore
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