25 Times People Transformed A Simple Piece Of Wood Into An Unfathomably Cool Thing

    If you're board, check out these top-notch woodworking projects.

    1. This intricate wood carving that looks like it's about to snap at any moment:

    2. This baseball hat, made entirely of wood, that belongs in a museum:

    3. These delicate carvings that will stand the test of time:

    4. This trippy plank of wood that looks like it came straight out of a lava pit:

    5. This gift box that turned out to be the gift on Christmas morning:

    6. This ridiculously fragile tablecloth that is the definition of craftsmanship:

    7. This functional Nintendo Entertainment System that would impress any video game nerd:

    8. This dresser that has more personality than most people:

    9. This wooden version of Captain America's shield that might be cooler than Vibranium:

    10. This cutting board that looks like an optical illusion:

    11. This spiky structure that looks like it leads into a different dimension:

    12. This joint that makes a standard dovetail joint look like child's play:

    13. These ice cream bars that look good enough to take a bite out of:

    14. This bowl that looks like it's moving through space and time:

    15. This dragon pipe that literally breathes fire:

    16. This elaborate artwork that only woodworkers on boss mode could accomplish:

    17. This Xbox controller that got quite the makeover:

    18. This handmade sign that you definitely won't find wandering the aisles at Target:

    19. This snazzy grill that might put mechanics out of a job:

    20. This delightfully topsy-turvy bookcase that's a perfect addition to any nursery:

    21. This wrist watch that contains some of the smallest gears I've ever seen:

    22. This cutting board that brought the artistic vision of a toddler to life:

    23. This stunning ring that'll let you carry a tiny forest around on the finger:

    24. This no-frills coffee table:

    25. And finally, this exact nail-for-nail replica of Homer's iconic spice rack from The Simpsons:

    H/T: r/woodworking