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People Are Reacting To A Viral Tweet Saying "Don't Ask Your Friends To Help You Move," So I'm Curious If You Think It's OK To Ask Friends For These Things

"I'm not risking friends slipping a disc for my sectional couch."

Twitter user @catherynlavery recently tweeted this hot take on asking your friends to help you move:

As an adult, don’t ask your friends to help you move. Hire movers, save a friendship.

Twitter: @cathrynlavery

And the internet is, well, divided:

@cathrynlavery Shut up lol not everyone can afford movers and if the homies don’t mind helping then what’s the issue. If they didn’t want to help they would say no???

Twitter: @seskis

@seskis @cathrynlavery Like They ain’t asking for a kidney lol

Twitter: @McgonnellShane

However, some people totally agree with the original poster, @cathrynlavery, who followed up their tweet to clarify that "I mean movers for heavy furniture. Having friends for the packing / unpacking can be fun — but I'm not risking friends slipping a disc for my sectional couch. I understand movers can be unaffordable. I've been there. But if you *can* afford it, hire a pro."

@cathrynlavery The amount of resistance to this tweet is unreal. I get you. No one wants a slipped disc for a pizza and case of beer

Twitter: @cdpalmer08

So I wanna know what you think of this scenario, along with a couple of other questions. Ready? Let's go!