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    15 Body-Positive Messages From Value Village Mannequins

    Because bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and Halloween costumes.

    1. "Don't feel self-conscious about your long neck. It keeps you further away from farts."

    @julijullz / Via Twitter: @julijullz

    2. "And remember to embrace your delicate legs too."


    3. "Wear what makes you comfortable. Don't worry about what other people think."

    @Perronaldinho / Via Twitter: @Perronaldinho

    4. "If you want to dress like a galaxy and a birthday cake had a baby, go for it."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    5. "Treat yourself to kindness. And a groovy new haircut."

    6. "Seek out a supportive, caring squad that can keep you positive even when you feel like garbage."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    7. "And turn your back to people in your life who bring you down. I'm talking about you, Brenda. You know what you did."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    8. “Also, hydrate. Seriously. Or you could seriously injure yourself."

    @penguinpuppydogceramics / Via

    9. "Don't be afraid to love your body. If you wake up feeling super awesome, let the world know."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    10. "And if you wake up feeling not-so-super, try to find one little thing to celebrate. Like damn, look at those ringlets. Such beauty, such grace."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    11. "Don't let negative comments get to your head. Heads are important. You don't want to lose yours."

    12. "You're not required to love everything about your body. It's OK to feel down sometimes. But while you're down there, you might as well clean up your room and donate some clothes or old costumes to charity."

    @suzieridler / Via Twitter: @suzieridler

    13. "Make other people feel good, too. Reach out to other mannequins in need. Drop a compliment. Tell them how nice their red velvet dress is. Or tell them how beautifully wind-swept their bangs are."

    @hetherman / Via Twitter: @hetherman

    14. "Thank your body for everything it can do. Like mysteriously holding up a ski pole with no hands. Our bodies are ~magical~ and don't you forget it."

    @fatkidallstar / Via Twitter: @fatkidallstar

    15. "And most importantly of all: You are beautiful. Remember that."

    @askaidan / Via Twitter: @askaidan

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