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    18 Tragic Things Only An Overpacker Would Understand

    *empties entire drawer into suitcase*

    1. Anyone who considers themself to be an overpacker knows that packing is a fucking nightmare.

    2. And it’s the most cardio you’ve done since you put that fitted sheet on your mattress.

    @hannybear22 / Via Twitter: @hannybear22

    3. It’s all fine and dandy until you start and then realize that this isn’t a game anymore. This is real.


    4. Writing a list gives you the illusion of organization, making you feel confident. But all that is shattered once you see what your travel buddy is bringing.

    @DGlaucomflecken / Via Twitter: @DGlaucomflecken

    Oh shit.

    5. Because you have an innate need to be ready for any occasion and whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.

    @carlie_dore / Via Twitter: @carlie_dore

    *empties entire drawers into suitcase*

    6. When you finally lay out all the clothes you "need," you realize that this might be a little more complicated than you thought.

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    7. Because "packing light" or "editing" are words that simply don't exist in your vocabulary.

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    *destroys room looking for a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in two years but need just in case*

    8. And you didn't even start to tackle your ~toiletries and cosmetics~ yet...

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    9. And don't even get me fucking started on SHOES.

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    10. After a couple attempts of putting things in and taking them out again with the same results, you don't even want to go anymore.

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    11. Nothing fuels your frustration more than people offering solutions like "rolling things up" or "putting things in your carry on" because NOTHING CAN SAVE YOU NOW.

    @SarMitchell22 / Via Twitter: @SarMitchell22

    Just go get another suitcase, already.

    12. But after hours of struggling, there's nothing quiet that the adrenaline rush of finally getting everything to fit.


    We did it, fam.

    13. Even if you got injured in the process.

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    14. But don't celebrate yet. This doesn't mean you're in the clear. You still have to board the actual plane.

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    15. Never forget that shuffling items between suitcases is a fun and embarrassing way to kick off your vacation.

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    16. And wearing all your heavy items on the plane really messes with the undercover celeb/yoga expert aesthetic you were going for at the airport.

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    17. But remember that all of this neurotic packing, worrying, sweating and overthinking pays off in the end. Because guess what? IT RAINED. And guess what? You were ready.

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    18. Oh! And if you're ever looking for a sext to send an overpacker, this is it:

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