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    15 People Who Went To Tim Hortons But Still Left Thirsty

    The coffee’s not the only thing that’s hot.

    1. This person who gave their fellow patron a creative nickname:

    I saw this really cute guy today at Tim Hortons (I call him eyes bc his eyes are ughh😍)

    2. And this person who spotted their future husband using that sweet, sweet free wifi:

    Sexiest guy at Tim Hortons 😭💗

    3. This person who tried their best but didn't succeed:

    Tried to take a pic of the hot guy at Tim Hortons but he saw me 😕

    4. And this person who has definitely perfected the art of ~creeper~ shots:

    omfg just saw the cutest guy working at tims!!!!!!!!!! does anyone know him??????? if so pls give me his number!!!!!¡

    5. This person who wasn't so sneaky:

    When you take a pic of a hot guy thru the side mirror in the drive through at tim hortons and he waves😂😂😭

    6. And this person who has probably never turned off caps lock:


    7. This person who caught their new crush chowing down:

    look at this guy who just sat at Tim Hortons.. dOES HE LOOK LIKE HARRY BC I THINK HE DOES 😍

    8. And this person who could barely contain their thirst:

    look at this sexy motherfucker i just saw in tim hortons damn bby

    9. This person who was eyeing some eye-candy.

    this cute guy at tims <3333333

    10. And this person who was particularly hungry for a certain Hunger Games actor:

    omg the Swedish guy at Tim Hortons in the cookie shirt looks like Alexander Ludwig.

    11. This person who documented a love story in progress:

    @CAPSVCLE / Via Twitter: @CAPSVCLE
    @CAPSVCLE / Via Twitter: @CAPSVCLE

    12. And this person's love story that had already concluded:

    found this hot guy at tims and we fell in love

    13. This person who spotted a little-known celeb:

    Some Wednesday night stalking of Michael Buble and his crazy delicious skinny tie at the airport Tim Hortons.

    14. And this person who ran into a literal angel:

    Ran into the amazing @mishacollins at Tim Hortons getting coffee. Thanks for being the nicest guy ever. #torcon2014

    15. Also, butts.

    to the boy at tims with the nice bum; thank you for the wonderful view

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