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15 People Who Have Been Personally Victimized By Winter Salt Stains

"Raise your hand if you've been..."

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1. This woman, who became an easy target due to her height:

2. And this person who just wanted to wear a cute pair of flats:

3. This person who thought it was safe to venture out in Uggs:

4. And this person who wasn't spared, even though they wore more practical boots:

5. This person who was just trying to get to work and live his best life:

6. And this poor soul who came home after a long work day to this sight:

7. This person who had hopes and dreams and style before it was all taken away:

8. And this woman, who after making a shocking discovery, simply wanted an explanation:

9. This person who started off the winter season with some subtle stains:

10. And this person who ended it by setting a new record for most intense salt stains ever:

11. But maybe, just maybe, salt stains aren't that bad after all. I mean, they can be kind of beautiful, if you look close enough:

12. And they might even compliment your outfit:

13. LOL JK. They are the devil:

14. A devil that you will try to avoid at ALL COSTS:

Frostbite > salt stains.
Via Twitter: @iguest_xo

Frostbite > salt stains.

15. Because salt stains are coming. And not just for your shoes, or your pants, but for revenge. For flesh:

Hibernation is looking pretty good right now.