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11 Ridiculous Questions Canadians Are Tired Of Hearing, As Told By Shawn Mendes

"Why do you have milk in bags?!"

Vine star turned pop singer Shawn Mendes spends most of his time away from home and on the road. And like most Canadians abroad, he gets asked the same questions over and over again. We asked him to dish some of the most eye-roll-worthy ones.

And his answers were all too familiar. Here's what he said:

1. Does everyone there live in igloos?

"I've seriously been asked if I live in an igloo and I always respond with yes."

2. What's summer like in Canada?

"People believe that there's just a permanent Ice Age in Canada. People think it's permanently frozen and it's not. It's actually really hot outside."

3. Why do you have your own kind of bacon?

"People always say ridiculous stuff about bacon. Some people think we just eat bacon with syrup on it all day long. And I'm not saying that I'm not down for that but that's pretty ridiculous."

4. Does everyone there play hockey?

"They think everyone plays hockey. I mean, I played hockey but yeah they always assume people play hockey."

5. Why do you have milk in bags?!

"People freak out about milk in bags. I've had people be disgusted by the fact that we have milk in bags. I was like really pissed when I couldn't find a bag of milk when I went to America. I was not happy with it."

6. Do you say "eh?" all the time?

"I think my accent is starting to die out more and more as I travel but it definitely happens. People think we say it all the time and we do."

7. Why does your money look so weird?

"Our money is awesome. It looks like monopoly money. I love it. We're just cool. We got it down."

8. And why do you call them loonies and toonies?

"I was talking about this with my manager. People think it's hilarious how we have loonies and toonies. It's pretty funny when you think about it. I mean, it sounds so Canadian."

9. Are there wild animals roaming around?

"People think there is just penguins and polar bears everywhere."

10. Do you know _____? They live in Canada.

"People think everywhere in Canada is so small. People ask me if I know their friend who lives in Aurora and I've never even been to Aurora."

11. How many people live there?

"We have so many less people, it's not even funny. We're a rare breed. Think about all the cool people who came out of Canada and we only have like 35 million people."

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