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Flip This House And We’ll Guess Your Age And Dream Job

Stop. Hammer time.

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You’re now the proud owner of this, uh, beautiful home! It’s got that ~character~ you wanted, but maybe it’s time to tackle those deteriorating floorboards and mold.

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Let’s get renovating!

  1. Before you begin,
     pick one original feature
     to preserve:

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  2. Now, let’s get down to business.

     Which house disaster are you going to fix first? 

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  3. Now that it’s safe,
    let’s update that dingy bathroom: 

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  4. What about that
    outdated kitchen? 

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  5. Upgrade the master
     bedroom with:

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  6. Uh-oh. You just discovered asbestos in the ductwork.
    Sacrifice something from your wish list to cover the cost:

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  7. Let’s get back on track.

    Transform that spare 
    bedroom into a: 

    BuzzFeed / Getty
  8. You’ve got some extra cash in the budget!

    Throw some money at: 

    BuzzFeed / Getty

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