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32 Times Toronto Went From Zero To WTF Real Quick

Dead octopus and levitating men.

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1. When someone approved the name and location of this playground.

Google Maps / Via

2. When the city hit you with something unexpected.


3. When this store tried to fool you into buying an actual stump.


4. And when someone spotted these hot deals.

[ what kind of pricing strategy is this? #wtf #toronto #retail ]

5. When this Toronto store sold soap that had no chill.


6. And when this movie theatre had a soap that was apologetic.


7. When the subway looked a little like the Apocalypse.


8. And this person made a bad judgement call.


9. When this cab added some subtle decorative touches.


10. Speaking of automobiles, this is a thing.

Sometimes, there's such a thing as too much muchness #wtf #Toronto

11. And this should not be a thing.

Ok #Toronto... What. The. Hell. ?

12. When someone tried their very best to repair a highway.

@Gingerk1d / Via Twitter: @Gingerk1d

13. When this hotel didn't understand how plants work.


14. When the city mourned a hero.


15. When this newspaper person didn't understand pie charts.


16. When this university made a spelling boo boo.


17. When Toronto took time management a little too seriously.


18. When this man forgot what decade he lived in.


19. When this person fell asleep at an bookstore while gently cradling a potato.

20. When this dude was literally levitating at Yonge and Dundas Square.

21. When someone left a dead octopus at a crosswalk.

@raemoh / Via

22. When this realtor chose a slightly dated photo of himself.

@Cocarell / Via Twitter: @Cocarell

23. When signs like these were necessary at the hockey rink.

@expomick / Via Twitter: @expomick

24. When the weather made it impossible to dress appropriately.

@learmos / Via Twitter: @learmos

25. When someone proudly displayed this squirrel shrine.

@mb_toronto / Via Twitter: @mb_toronto

26. When this billboard went ahead and pointlessly gendered bread.

@sally_sue / Via Twitter: @sally_sue

27. When Drake put his name on literally everything.

The Toronto Raptors are giving away “Drake” lint rollers. If a Raptors fan doesn’t want theirs, please DM me. Thanks.

28. When someone put this in their window display.

There is a healthy amount of WTF in Toronto.

29. When this terrible criminal tried to be hardcore but failed and ended up being Canadian.


30. When someone tried to get away with this.


31. When this man wanted very tall people to know what team he cheers for.

@DarrenOsborne98 Someone I know took this pic! LOL! This is a true fan! @981CHFI #GoJaysGo! #BlueJays #Toronto #Jays

32. And lastly, when this raccoon was the most polite passenger on the TTC.

Carl Fernandez / Via Twitter: @Carlnandez