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    47 Things That Mildly Thrill All Canadians

    Finding one of those Olympic-themed quarters in your wallet.

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    1. When Canada is mentioned in any popular TV show.

    2. When you meet other Canadians while travelling abroad.

    3. When you find one of those Olympic-themed quarters in your wallet.

    4. When your neighbour shovels part of your drive for you.

    5. Free shipping.

    6. When you get home just in time for the game.

    7. When you get an extra container of Swiss Chalet sauce in your delivery.

    8. Watching fireworks on Canada Day.

    9. When you finally find that matching glove.

    10. When you win a free donut or coffee during Roll Up The Rim.

    11. When a show you want to watch is actually on Canadian Netflix.

    12. Not having to wait for a spot on the patio.

    13. Even the slightest possibility of a snow day.

    14. The satisfaction you get from scraping the ice off your windshield.

    15. Seeing your breath for the first time that winter.

    16. When your friend invites you up to their cottage.

    17. When your friend invites you to a ski cabin.

    18. No windchill.

    19. When you see a fat squirrel in the wild.

    20. When your data cycle restarts just as you were running out.

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    21. When you remember that it's a long weekend.

    22. When you see a perfectly-shaped maple leaf.

    23. When you go to the effort of securing your garbage bins and it actually prevents the raccoons from getting in.

    24. When your power goes out for a very short amount of time and you run to get candles and stuff.

    25. When you see a Canadian celebrity win an award on live television.

    26. When you're slipping on ice but regain your balance and avoid falling.

    27. When you remember all the words to "O, Canada."

    28. Or when you sing it in French without messing up.

    29. When you get the last chocolate timbit.

    30. Skating on freshly zambonied ice.

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    31. When it's mild on Halloween.

    32. When you get off work early in the winter and it's still light out.

    33. When they have real maple syrup at restaurants.

    34. And when they put real cheese curds on poutine instead of shredded mozzarella.

    35. When you remember to pee before putting on your snow pants.

    36. When cars don't interrupt your game of road hockey.

    37. When you automatically connect to free wifi.

    38. When your phone doesn't try to correct to American spelling.

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    39. The feeling you get when cracking open a Kinder Surprise Egg.

    40. When it snows the night before you're planning to go skiing.

    41. Peeling that protective plastic thing off new electronics (because who doesn't love that?)

    42. When you step in a puddle wearing a pair of compromised boots and your socks don't get wet.

    43. When you spell "Iqaluit" correctly.

    44. When you don't say sorry for something.

    45. When people think the capital of Canada is Toronto and then you get to correct them.

    46. The feeling of sunlight on your pale, pale legs after a long winter.

    47. When you see a Degrassi kid on a show other than Degrassi, and like you're like good for you, you made it.

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