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19 Quebec Hikes You Need To Do This Summer

Damn, Quebec.

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1. La Chute-du-Diable Trail

Instagram: @scinthia5

Distance: 7 km

Explore Quebec's extraordinary mountain environment in Gaspésie National Park. This park is known for being a hiking hotspot, offering gorgeous tundra landscape views that are unique to the province. This trail is best suited for intermediate hikers.

2. Wabenaki Trail

Instagram: @ladyfrances75

Distance: 16.2 km

Located in La Mauricie National Park, this trail is perfect for those looking to take in stunning Laurentian scenery. Hike through the lush forest corridor running alongside beautiful lakes and rivers. Although this is a relatively longer hike, the terrain is ideal for hikers of all experience levels.

3. La Sauvagine Trail

Instagram: @audreylavoie

Distance: 11.8 km

The north shore of Lac des Deux Montagnes is home to the small and stunning Oka National Park. The park offers hikers a one-of-a-kind view of the extraordinary Adirondacks Mountains. This intermediate trail is perfect for anyone who wishes to get a close-up view of a silver maple forest.

4. La Salamandre Trail

Distance: 4.8 km

Located in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, Aiguebelle National Park is an adventurer's paradise. Walk across the suspended footbridge and take in a thrilling view of the scenery below. The park has over 30 km of trails to choose from, including a self-guided trail called La Castorière which has been adapted for the mobility-impaired.

5. La Migration Trail

Distance: 6.5 km

Plaisance National Park boasts dazzling ponds, bays, and marshes that are yours to discover. The marsh grass, which sort of looks like a floating garden is home to a variety of species of turtles, ducks, and beavers. Take a short 1 km walk along a boardwalk that leads to a lookout tower, or tackle one of their longer trails. These trails are suited for beginners.

6. L'Île-Grosbois Trail

Instagram: @manu

Distance: 7.7 km

Just a few kilometres away from Montreal lies Îles-de-Boucherville National Park. The park made up of five islands right in the famous St. Lawrence river. Follow the trail to take full advantage of the park's green areas and pretty water-side views. This trail is suited for beginners.

7. Les Murailles Trail

Distance: 9 km

The coves, islands, and mountains in Bic National Park are waiting for you. The park is located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River and it's the perfect spot to catch some of that maritime breeze. Grab some friends and take on this intermediate hike that will lead you through a forest to panoramic views of the water.

8. Pointe-Chevrette Trail

Distance: 20 km

Pointe-Taillon National Park is located on the north shore of Lac Saint-Jean and has an impressive network of both hiking and cycling trails. Hike along the beach before making your way toward the interior of the peninsula to catch a glimpse of bogs and marshes. This trail is for all skill levels.

9. La Roche Trail

Instagram: @canadiandynast

Distance: 5.4 km

Mont-Tremblant National Park is the biggest national park in Quebec and it's packed with amazing rivers, lakes, and mountain views. The park has over 82 km of trails, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. The park also offers a thrilling climbing-and-hiking experience called Via Ferrata du Diable, where make your way across the mountainside by clinging to the edge of rocks.

10. Le Montérégien Trail

Instagram: @ali

Distance: 8.8 km

Get away from the noise of Montreal for the day and check out Parc National du Mont-Saint-Bruno. This park is packed with clear lakes and scenic orchards. It also has a historic mill that's worth checking out. This trail is for intermediate hikers and loops back to the start.

11. La Forestière Trail

Distance: 5.5 km

Yamaska National Park is just northeast of Granby and is centered on the Choiniere Reservoir. Take in the fresh air with a group of friends while walking through the lowlands. There are several look-out points that await hikers and are perfect for a water break. The park has five different trails which are all suited for beginners.

12. Le Mirador Trail

Instagram: @roberto

Distance: 3 km

Monts-Valin National Park is home to the highest point in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region, Mount Valin. Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled while exploring the unique landscape of this region. This trail is for beginners and reaches an altitude of 60 metres. If you're looking for something a little more challenging, the park has more difficult hikes that you might want to take on.

13. Les Colonies Trail

Distance: 5.6 km

Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park is a mouthful, but it's also a gorgeous park located near the village of Percé, at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. The park has a total of 15 km of trails that lead you through meadows, fields, and evergreen forests, without ever taking you too far away from the sea. This specific trail is best suited for intermediate hikers and is accessible to hikers who wish to bring a stroller with them.

14. La Tourbière Trail

Instagram: @atthedrivethru

Distance: 2.9 km

Jacques-Cartier National Park is a mere 30-minute drive away from Quebec City but it looks like an entire world away. A vast mountain plateau and steep-sloped valleys make the park what it is. There are over 100 km of trails which will take you past a turbulent river and through yellow birch forests.

Note: Dogs are allowed on this trail.

15. De la Rivière Trail

Instagram: @lea_cs13

Distance: 8.4 km

Take in the sea breeze and fresh forest scents while hiking in Saguenay Fjord National Park. This trail will take you through lush greenery and lead you to a captivating view of the bay. This trail is for intermediate hikers. If you're a beginner or a more experienced hiker, the park offers both short distance and backpacking trials.

16. Les Trois-Sommets Trail

Instagram: @_davidmercier

Distance: 15 km

Mont-Mégantic National Park is a spot in Quebec where land meets the clouds and where cascading streams flow. Known for its astronomy observatories, the park will not disappoint hikers in the views department. This specific trail is recommended for highly experienced hikers and will guide you to incredible vantage points at the summits.

17. L'Érablière Trail

Instagram: @aribellemare

Distance: 2.5 km

Indulge in a a well-deserved picnic on the edge of the Cran des Érables cliff in Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park. The park is located near Clermont and has a several trails ranging in difficulty levels. Soak up the spectacular views of valleys and high mountains.

18. Le Sous-bois Trail

Instagram: @camille_dg

Distance: 3.2 km

Frontenac National Park is a lovely park located halfway between Quebec City and Sherbrooke. Explore a variety of ecosystems as you make your way around rolling hills, through coniferous forest, and over flowing streams. This trail is for beginners.

19. Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes Trail

Instagram: @schirleeyl

Distance: 8.6 km

Grands-Jardins National Park
is home to some of the most impressive panorama in the province. The Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes trail is for experienced hikers. Pick a route that best suits your skill level and start your journey though tundra, forest, and vast mountain vegetation. Oh! And don't forget to bring your camera!