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13 Undeniable Reasons Why "Braceface" And "Lizzie McGuire" Were The Same Show

Minus the magical braces. But seriously, almost everything else.

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The first episodes of Lizzie McGuire, an American show, and Braceface, a Canadian cartoon series, both aired in 2001 and have some ridiculous similarities. First, let's take a look at the main characters of each show:

Disney Channel / Teletoon

Like seriously...

3. The geek: David 'Gordo' Gordon and Connor MacKenzie

The childhood friends who were nerdy and super supportive. These were the dweebs you couldn't help but root for and you desperately wanted them to get the girl in the end.

5. The queen bee: Kate Sanders and Nina Harper

The mean girl who ran the school and made it their mission to embarrass the main character. They were also the girls who apparently loved to wear purple turtlenecks.

Now, let's dive a little deeper shall we?

8. And both main characters had younger brothers.

Fun fact: Sharon's little bro Josh was voiced by Michael Cera. SO WEIRD. She also had an older brother Adam who you definitely had a massive crush on.

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