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    Posted on Oct. 13, 2015

    25 People Who Need Their KD Privileges Revoked

    Stop putting KD in blenders.

    1. This man who simply wanted to "treat himself":

    After a crazy/exciting week, I'm spending my Friday night with a little @kraftdinner & caviar. #treatyoself #YOLO

    Guys, YOLO is not an excuse.

    2. Everyone who was involved in this... situation:

    3. This person who had a vision but struggled with the execution:

    4. This woman who had no trouble with execution:

    Dear god.

    5. This eligible bachelor who wanted a light snack:

    6. This couple who committed the ultimate culinary crime:

    When your bf sees KD on 4/5$ and has the idea to mix 4 diff types and your just like...LETS DO IT! 😈👫😃@kraftdinner

    This is sacrilegious.

    7. This woman who wanted just a lil' extra cheese:

    8. This person who put a creative spin on the classic hot dog and KD combo:

    Sometimes I wonder if I go too far... Bacon and cheddar chicken sausages with kraft dinner on top..

    9. And whoever created this disaster:

    @VictoriaBCToday @victoriabuzzes come check out our all Canadian Po'boy. Complete with back bacon and Kraft Dinner.

    10. The person who photoshopped this and let down an entire nation:

    Hey @Lays - need a retail locator to find Kraft dinner @KD Oreos. Who carries them in #Baltimore or #Pittsburgh ?

    11. This woman who merged her love of minekraft and dinnerkraft.

    12. Whoever made this:

    13. This person who ruined both St. Patricks Day and the reputation of KD in one foul swoop:

    "Let's eat green Kraft dinner" @tinapirvali #illpass

    14. This man who did an unspeakable thing:

    Saturday morning baking. My specialty, Kraft Dinner Eggs.

    15. This woman who decided it would taste better as a liquid:

    My lunch. Any guesses what it is? Yeah. It's Kraft Dinner. #blend

    We get it. You have a Vitamix.

    16. This woman who jeopardized the taste of her coffee for the rest of eternity:

    Making Kraft dinner in a coffee pot was surprisingly easy

    17. This individual who was so excited by the thought of KD that they threw all knowledge of cooking out the window:

    Not allowed to make Kraft dinner anymore

    18. And this guy too.

    19. This group of individuals who threw caution and recommended serving size to the wind:

    La préparation pour journée Kraft Dinner commence!

    20. This guy who just wanted to rep his fave boxed noodle brand:

    omg we need this @vanessaleblanc RT @kraftdinner: The tastiest way to keep warm this winter.

    21. And this biker who just wanted to ride in style:

    22. These people who had good intentions:

    So many prizes to be won in the kraft dinner pool today at @pah2opark! #kct #kwp #saveourslides #kraft #tsn

    23. And this girl who took it to a whole new level:

    Only the manliest of men have a stache' like this #noodlestache #thehog #letyourfunout @kraftdinner

    24. This man:

    When I say i love you @kraftdinner, I really mean it. #KD #RealLove

    25. And lastly, this brave soul:

    KD 4 LIFE.

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