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18 Photos That Prove That Halifax Is Too Hipster To Function

Microbrew or die.

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1. When a plain old window just wouldn't do.


2. And when customers made you wonder what century you were living in.

@SmallieBiggss / Via Twitter: @SmallieBiggss

3. When a bike wasn't complete without this decorative touch.

@C_Nowlan / Via Twitter: @C_Nowlan

4. And when people couldn't tell if this was a bench or an art installation.

@laurakcoop / Via Twitter: @laurakcoop

5. When even the pavement took its style inspiration from the 1940s.


6. And when this crime was committed.

@halifaxtweeters / Via Twitter: @halifaxtweeters

7. When dining rooms weren't in actual rooms.

@sleuth_4_truths / Via Twitter: @sleuth_4_truths

8. And when street performers opted for a didgeridoos over guitars.

@rbegg / Via Twitter: @rbegg

9. When scented candles were inspired by beer.

@familyfunyhz / Via Twitter: @familyfunyhz

10. And when these street lamps defied street lamp norms.

@m_almansour_82 / Via Twitter: @m_almansour_82

11. When donairs came in tiny steamed buns.

Murray W. / Via

12. And when this orchestra came together.

@zeptepe / Via Twitter: @zeptepe

13. When grooming kits were strictly designed for lumberjacks.

@pearlanddaisy / Via Twitter: @pearlanddaisy

14. And when this was ~normal~.

@sack_vegas / Via Twitter: @sack_vegas

15. When magazine covers looked a little like this.

The Coast / @Candy_B_Pants / Via Twitter: @Candy_B_Pants

16. And when the traffic signs wore knitted sweaters.


17. When beer came in a jug and then was served into an upside-down bottle.

@aaronrobsmith / Via Twitter: @aaronrobsmith

18. And lastly, when this existed.

@TheStubbornGoat / Via Twitter: @TheStubbornGoat