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19 Signs You're Slightly Obsessed With Cabin Socks

And no, they're not just regular socks.

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1. There are few things in life that give you as much pleasure as a fresh pair of socks. But not just any socks: It's cabin socks.

2. There's nothing quite like looking down and seeing them peeking out from your boots, reassuring you that your toes are safe and sound.

3. And while most of your friends have shoe addictions, you're just over here spendin' all your cash on socks.

4. You tend to get really defensive when people hate on them.

5. Even though at one point in time, you yourself might have been skeptical about their powers. But now you know better. You know this isn't something to joke about.

6. You frequently force your love of cabin socks onto everyone, even if they don't ask for it.

7. Is there anything better than enlightening your friends to their fluffy glory?

8. And then there's that incredible feeling afterwards, when you get to sit back and wait for the thank yous to come rolling in.

9. Because cabin socks are the gift that keeps giving.

10. And you'll want to wear them everywhere. The classroom? Sure.

11. A formal event? Hells ya.

12. And you know that there are few things on earth that surpass the beautiful simplicity of a good pair of socks – except for, like, tiny socks.

13. There's just something about that grey, white, and red that gets your pulse going.

14. And then venturing out of the traditional colours and exploring all new patterns gives you a rush unlike any other.

15. You adore these socks so much that you need to own literally anything that vaguely resembles them.

16. Now, it's important that we recognize cabin socks aren't perfect. Everything great comes with problems but remember that you must rise above.

17. Don't let the fluff get you down. You need to embrace the fluff. It's a part of the process.

18. And when your favourite pair starts to wear down, you must push through the heartbreak. You'll find another pair. You'll find love again.

19. Because upon opening your sock drawer, you're reminded that there's another 17 pairs waiting for their turn. And that's really beautiful.

I pledge allegiance, to the grey, white, and red.