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21 Of The Most Hilariously Honest "No Name" Products

The Ron Swanson of packaging.

1. These bacon bits that believe honesty is the best policy.

2. This wine that doesn't even say it's wine on the label.

3. This jelly that doesn't want to complicate things.

4. This coffee creamer that politely explains exactly what it does to the appearance of your coffee.

5. These biscuits that remind you how lonely you are.

6. These "flavoured rings."

7. These products that want to keep things simple.

8. These snack packets that just decided to put all the shapes in one box.

i guess they just threw everything they had left into one box #weirdcombo #nonamebrand

9. This refreshing liquid.

10. These treats that avoid copyright issues by simply rearranging the words on the box.

11. These pickled chunks of beets.

12. These one size, bilingual panty hose.

13. This canned meat which wants you to know that it's ready to serve.

Ready To Serve. #yikes #noname #picoftheday #iphoneography

14. This Kraft Dinner imposter.

#thingsifindgroceryshopping #noname #nippycheese

15. These tidbits of pineapple in a can.

16. These straightforward shower products.

Greatest deal ever. $4 together #noname

17. This yummy can of beef stew. Oh wait – it's just dog food.

18. This cheese spread whose humour spans language barriers.

Stop everything! Canada's bilingual labeling just earned its keep!

19. This mayo jar.

20. This beautifully described dish.

21. And this whole kernel corn that allegedly tastes like peaches and cream.

I had no idea it existed! #NoName #FancyGrade I would hate to see the #RubishGrade corn ? Or maybe I will tomorrow?!

No one asked for this.